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How do I ''know'' the movements of my tulpa in wonderland

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So i've been in wonderland quite a few times with my tulpa but I always end up asking her where she's going and what she's doing so I can visualize it. Is this how you're supposed to do it or can I see her move automatically from the start.

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I think that's fine. If you aren't experienced in visualization it can be a nice guide to understand what you're trying to see. Obviously eventually if you keep practicing visualization it will develop into something that seems more automatic. I'd say continue doing what you're doing. My tulpa wasn't perfect at visualization movement at the start. Of course when she did appear to move in my mind's eye. For a little while it was just facial expressions towards things while she spoke in mind voice. Eventually she was able to move more automatically and how she wanted.


How it's going right now is completely fine. As you get better at visualizing and your tulpa gets better at being visualized. This will no longer be an issue.

I'm the host.

My tulpa's name is Nepeta, she types in this color if it isn't specified who's talking.


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Yea it's going to be a matter of practice and working your mental muscles. You focus or "force" it for a while to train yourself then it just becomes instinctual, automatically drawing the whims of your intent and imagination. Reading is actually a good primer for training it. You already have to visualize the sights/sounds of events going on from a description. One thing I like to do is to write short adventures for Jaina and I. Gets the creative juices flowing.

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yea, it wast hard for me to visualise the wonderland or my tupper, ive been doing "character thoughs" for years where i make up a story with an oc, the main problem in both of them is my pov :P


i could play trove or do vrchat to strenthen that lmao


(it took too long to find this link, the internet was being a bitch)


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Disclaimer: Our system has a very developed innerworld made to support our whole system, and our system works a lot differently, so our experience is probably a lot different and things we say may not apply to you&. We're weird 😝.

Early on in our old innerworld, we noticed that we could easily tell where someone is by thinking about them. With our new innerworld, it's harder because basically everyone lives in the same place. However, I would imagine they'd need to be in your wonderland for this to work, not just floating around? Not sure if that makes sense. From the start of our system being found, we've always been able to see other headmates, especially when they're talking.


I guess my piece of advice would be to look. Sounds pretty unhelpful, but that's all I can think of. We don't think you need to visualize your tulpa's movements if you're looking at them, because you're using you eyes (as in innerworld form eyes. Works from third-person POV too). If you immerse yourself or are using your innerworld, you're basically in your wonderland and should be able to see everything, because you share a brain.

I'm Adagio, a tulpa! I'm part of a very big system. There's three of us using this account right now.

Blue text is a headmate called TGS (their initials).

Green text is another another headmate. You can call me T. My initials are TTTTS.

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