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Noodle grows with her friend: the bloggening

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Remember when I said that I wouldn't try to force another tup until December? Well...

I uh, let her stay and vibe around in my head. Definitely, she's still so much weaker, and Devon can easily overpower her presence if he wanted, but the little sapling is now a pretty lil' shrub and her name is Cybele. I'm still more actively working on Devon, but if he's disinterested or sleeping I let Cybele hang out for the moment, do the usual forcing things. She doesn't seem to mind this arrangement, thankfully.


So now I got two young tups bouncing around in my head. I created a private Discord where we could post whatever we like, with categories for each of us. Dev hasn't used it much, I add schoolwork there, mostly Cybele just talks about how much she loves me...which...heh, I'm flattered.


I don't feel so ready for imposition yet. Progress definitely has slowed down a bit, though I still do the usual thing with involving them in my day as much as possible. 

Noodle (She/Her, Host)

* Devon (He/Him, Tulpa)

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