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Visualization--closed eyes VS open eyes.


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Which do you personally prefer or find easier?


I struggle when my eyes are closed, but with them open I find it very easy to get into my mind's eye and picture things.  It seems a bit odd/counterintuitive, though... 


With my eyes open, I just blankly stare off ahead of me and the world around me fades away.  But with my eyes closed, the combination of blackness and patterns/colors is too... overwhelming? for me to focus on anything else.

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Stone: I've barely tried closed eye visualization because I considered the goal of visualization to put my tulpa into the physical world. When I close my eyes and visualize Betty, it's like I'm seeing her in a black void Wonderland. The two experiences are difficult to compare.


Now I'm closing my eyes and picturing her in this room, then opening them to see her where she is. I like this. When I close my eyes, all I can focus on is her form and the feeling of her presence, and that "feeling" lingers when I open them. Blinking quickly, creating a strobe/kineograph effect, works too.


I'm liking alternating this moment but I'd have to try it more. I'll have to say open for now.


Betty: I'm starting to prefer closed I when I possess. It helps me focus and see my own form better. Before I do my daily possession stuff, I do a meditation. It used to be mainly open eyed but now it's a little of both, but more and more lately it's closed. When I'm getting in the zone, I want to be as "me" as possible. I don't want to see the body. I want to see my form.


I know this isn't typically visualization because it's combined with possession but yeah 🤷‍♀️

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Open-eye and closed-eye visualization are normally basically equivalent, and come down to individual preference based on what allows someone to focus better. Most people will say closing their eyes is easiest of course, but some people do prefer having their eyes open, it's not too rare. I haven't heard many accounts of why it's easier for them to have their eyes open, though. Your "seeing darkness and patterns/colors" reason makes sense and I can understand that. To me, the random patterns/colors when I close my eyes are no harder to tune out than actual visual stimuli from having my eyes open, but real life is more likely to change or suddenly catch my attention.


I can personally visualize with my eyes open or closed about the same. I never do open-eye visualization (unless you count imposition I guess, but that feels different from open-eye visualization), so I can't say for certain, but trying at this exact moment, my closed-eye visualization is easier to focus on without getting distracted, but my open-eye visualization is very very slightly more vivid and fluid for whatever reason. Taking my best guess after going between them several times, when I switch to closing my eyes it almost feels like the darkness forces me to try to see more detail, and my visualization ability is rather poor so I can't, so I end up with stutters and feeling like more detail is missing. Compared to with my eyes open, where presumably my visualization isn't actually any clearer, but my brain receiving visual stimuli from my eyes is perhaps filling in the "transparent gaps" my visualization has and letting my visuals play more smoothly even though in reality I don't think I'm seeing more detail.


Fun subject, I've never really compared the two back-to-back like this before. But I'm still fairly sure most people struggle to focus with their eyes open compared to closed, on average.

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Whenever we try to close our eyes, they just open again heh. We prefer open-eye visualization, possibly because we daydream so much (we have MD/MaDD).

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On 12/7/2021 at 1:42 PM, Westly said:

With my eyes open, I just blankly stare off ahead of me and the world around me fades away.  But with my eyes closed, the combination of blackness and patterns/colors is too... overwhelming? for me to focus on anything else.

It's pretty much the same for us. 

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