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Disturbing intrusive thought may have harmed tulpa

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So, I just started forcing my tulpa today. Everything went incredibly well, up to a point. My tulpa stood up from a seated position, and when I placed his presence in my back, he was able to bleed-over his emotions onto me.


While I was in the process of talking to him, I accidentally remembered something very disturbing I saw when I was younger. I quickly blotted out the image, so there was nothing transferred but a short visual flash. However, my tulpa's mood shifted wildly after that. At first, he felt really cheerful and affectionate, but right after the image flashed, I felt a sense of shock coming from him, and my heart rate increased. After that, I tried to calm him down by taking him through a quickly thrown together garden wonderland. He felt slightly better, but was still shaken. I apologized profusely, and left.


Is there any way to heal my tulpa's mental health? I'm very worried about him, especially since he's just been born.



2 hours later, he seems to be doing better. He's started letting his emotions bleed over again, although this time, he feels slightly more reserved. I can't tell if it's because of what he saw, or if he's worried about how his shock effected me. I made sure to explain to him that there's nothing wrong with sharing one's emotions, and that I care about his feelings just as much as he cares about mine. Additionally, I added "resilience" to his personality, just in case he sees anything unpleasant again.


Although everything seems to be fine, I'm still a bit worried about him. Is there any way to make sure he's doing okay?

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Update on situation
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Stone: Firstly, since he’s a new tulpa, his personality can vary. Old tulpae can vary too, but in my experience, new tulpae have less foundation, are more impressionable, shift through bigger changes based on mere context, and are more fickle. It could be your brain playing around with different types of responses, him forgetting certain aspects of himself given then brain hasn’t filed him (or enough of him) in long term memory yet, or your expectations causing him to behave like this.


Secondly, know it’s not your fault you had that thought, and give him the same treatment you would give yourself for the intrusive thought.


Don’t worry. You didn’t do any damage.

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I just want to second what Stone said. You didn't do any damage.


Early on there will be a lot of fluxuations, and it can feel a bit worrying, especially as your tulpa can sometimes regress in development temporarily. Resist the temptation to freak out, and just remember that consistency takes a while to achieve.

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Don't worry about this, it happens to everyone.

Like a parent guiding a child it's important to stay calm and assure your tulpa they have nothing to fear. Explain what happened and that everything will be alright. I am generally in favor of not just shielding tulpas from such ingressions of unpleasant memories but also preparing them to face whatever happens in your mind. Nothing is scarier than the unknown. Once it is established what may happen and how to handle it, you'll both find a lot of anxiety just disappears.


See here for a method to deal with intrusive thoughts harming your tulpa:


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[Keatan] Intrusive thoughts are a little scary, but you get used to them. I have seen some scary intrusive thoughts but I'm perfectly fine.


[Evergreen] Intrusive thoughts don't make me afraid to talk to people in general, but I don't like them. I'll go away if they bother me too much.

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