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How do I know if my Tulpa is fully developed?

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At this moment in time, I am trying to create a Tulpa, but I am very new to this and I still need some info. As I go on with creating my Tulpa, I am getting better at imagining them and interacting with them, but I am still a bit confused on how I know if they are fully developed or not. I’m really just needing to know at this point. 

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There's two aspects a tulpa really, and depending on how you came into the practice you might have them down already.


1. Do they feel "real"? Do you get the sense you are talking with an imaginary character or are they as accepted in your head as your own voice? This one's a yes/no answer, and you're either doing it right or you're doing it wrong. It's not really something that develops, it's something that you learn to do, and that you can learn to do fast, the more accepting of the process you are.


2. Is their personality "mature"? This ones tricky because it can either be solid from day one or it can be allowed to grow by itself. For those who've made tulpas through writing, such as myself, it's possible to have a good and functional personality off the bat for a tulpa. If someone isn't sure what a good personality looks like or allows a tulpa to grow from a state of relative nothingness though, they will need to learn the old-fashioned way, by throwing themselves against the world and seeing what they make of it. This isn't so much about tulpamancy as it is growing as a person, though. It's not some secret meditative art to figure out who you are by just being in the world. The more stuff they get to test themselves against the more complex they will be, just like any other human person. And that never really stops either, we are always growing and changing our personality.


When it comes to them, that's really it. There's all kinds of other tertiary skills to tulpamancy, you can focus on improving visualization, or on the really high end of that scale you can learn imposition and hypnotic techniques to tap into hallucinations. You can learn to increase the amount of time your brain is thinking in terms of identities like you and your tulpa by repetition until thinking of them or as them regularly is a reflex. But I'd stress that none of that it necessary. It's all a choice for you and your tulpa to make.

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I don't think there is a such thing as a "fully developed" tulpa. That's kind of like saying a fully developed human. What does that even mean, an adult? Phil is far more developed as a human being at 35 than he was at 25 despite being technically a fully mature adult at that time. I think it's the same for tulpas. It's a never-ending finish line.


Having said all that, I've seen a lot of people use full vocality to be a sign of a "mature" tulpa. I think that's a good rule of thumb for some tulpas, but I've definitely heard of exceptions on both sides of the scale: There have been people who report that their tulpas are fully vocal almost right away, but there's no way a fully mature personality could have developed under it already. And on the other side I've heard of very developed and sophisticated tulpas who have their own thoughts and respond to things on their own, yet can't or don't want to talk.


I really like @ZenAndRhys's answer, especially the part about mature personalities. Especially this bit:


3 hours ago, ZenAndRhys said:

they will need to learn the old-fashioned way, by throwing themselves against the world and seeing what they make of it. This isn't so much about tulpamancy as it is growing as a person, though.


I agree 100%!!!! 👍

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