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How do I start forcing with my tulpa

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So, still in the process of creating a tulpa, but I’ve been hearing about this thing called forcing, and my lovely friend explained it to me, and I understood a bit, but not fully. I’ve heard people using the term forcing sessions, and I was wondering how I could do that, and if anyone has some tips or tricks for me. I’m really determined to create a tulpa and communicate with them efficiently and as best as possible, but since I am new to this, it is still a bit confusing, yknow? But I have made some progress. I am getting better at imagining them and interacting and stuff (I think I may have mentioned that in another post of mine, so uhhh yeah). Again, I’m really just needing help and tips and tricks and stuff, so, anything will help, thank you! :3

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Have you been looking at the guides or maybe some peoples PRs? It's an extremely easy answer: anything that includes your tulpa. So as you've mentioned interacting with them, that's a "forcing session" where your tulpa is the main focus.


People will get complicated adding terms such as active and passive. It doesn't really matter, and you shouldn't be in it to make them as fast as possible... I can't really dictate how you do it, it's your quest after all. From my understanding everyone will tell you active forcing is the most efficient way. It took my tulpa around a couple weeks to a month of passive forcing.


Active forcing is when your tulpa is main focus. Passive forcing is when your tulpa is the focus, but you're doing something on the side like homework, video games, laundry, etc,.


Again, I recommend reading forcing guides/tips & tricks and PRs. 

I'm the host of my system. I'll sometimes type in this color.

I have two tulpas. The first one is Nepeta, and he types in this color. The second one is Lilith, she types in this color.


Progress Report

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