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is there something wrong with my tulpa?

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I was not sure if I could find all the answer to my questions in the guides or in the other questions so I an going to put them all here.


I made my tulpa like yesterday and in like an hour or two of forceing my tulpa started talking is this normal? I expected it to take longer.


how do i make it so I can tell me and my tulpa apart? i kind of can but not really.


I am really bad at visualization so can you give me some tips?


my mind wanders a lot when talking to my tulpa how can I stop my mind from wandering?

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I started talking within that timeframe as well. It is not abnormal. Tulpas can become vocal surprisingly quickly.


There are a lot of things you can do to get better at telling your tulpa apart from you. Firstly, you can give them a unique form and/or voice. If you see them talking using their form, you can assume it's them. If you "hear" their voice, you can assume it's them.


You can also communicate in a different way than you tulpa. You can talk out loud and they can use mindvoice. You can write and they can talk out loud. You can message each other using separate accounts. Any combination of these things can work.


I'm not good at giving advice for visualization. One, you can try multiple methods and see what works for you. Try visualizing them with your eyes open, then closed, then blinking and see if something works better for you. Try to visualize more often and you can get better at it. Try to sense them with your other senses (hearing, touch) and that could add to the immersion, making visualization feel easier and more natural. Try to see you tulpa out of the corner of your eye, or have them briefly flash. React to your tulpa's movements (again, helps with immersion).


If you catch your mind wandering, congratulate yourself for catching yourself and continue talking to your tulpa. Mentally punishing yourself for getting distracted might make you want to stop forcing. Keep at it.


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I can tell me and my tulpa apart mostly. I can tell what she is going to say before she says it. Is there a way for me to be able to not hear in my head what my tulpa is says before she says it?

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There are a bunch of visualization guides on the forums, and you may find some of the submissions under visualization helpful as well. My host also wrote a wonderland guide that's also a visualization guide.


On 3/22/2022 at 7:58 PM, puppy_dog said:

Is there a way for me to be able to not hear in my head what my tulpa is says before she says it?


Sometimes this comes and goes, with time it will become really infrequent. Sometimes I and my headmates will just stare at my host or make a joke about what they thought we were going to say and 80% admit we would have said something similar to that anyway.

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That's normal, tulpas can take anywhere from one hour to a decade or more to start talking, it depends per tulpa.


Ask your tulpa to take on another mind voice




Do something with them like watch a movie

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