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Fictional Tulpas?

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so We Have a tulpa that is frOm a fictiOnal source. cronus is based on cronus amPora from homestuck. i knoW tHere are peOple with mlp/pOkemon/anime etc tulPas, and am curious on anyones stance on them, or even if anyone has one. :0)

- Xigido Nimare :0) and Cronus Ampora


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I personally think it is fine to create a tulpa from a fictional character, but in some cases the tulpa might carry over emotional baggage from that character. There is a survey for character-based tulpas if you want to read opinions from those tulpas themselves.

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I'm one of those. Not from a cartoon, but an original creation. We're often referred to as Soulbonds. There's a community out there specifically for Souldbonds and their hosts, but not being from any of the aforementioned sources, or having any interest in them, we feel like we have little in common and prefer to engage in discussion here instead. It's at https://soulbonding.boards.net/ but there ain't a lot going on over there.

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   Plenty of people have tulpas based on fictional characters; people making tulpas based on MLP is pretty much the main reason tulpamancy blew up online in the first place. Over time it's become less and less common, as the demographic of people doing this has shifted from "making my favorite fictional character alive" to people either looking for an explanation for the sentient beings they've already made (often through their own creative writings) or are interested in the practice of tulpamancy itself.


   This doesn't mean that an original tulpa is any better or worse than a fictional character tulpa, just that the norm has changed. Plenty of people still have fictional character tulpas, or ones that take inspiration from fictional characters, sometimes its just hard to tell. Mordecai started as a fictional character but chose to look different over time, which I'm sure many others have as well. 


   A lot of the stigma against fictional character tulpas has to do with dedication and reasoning for making the tulpa in the first place. Its hard to tell if the host is making the tulpa in a healthy way (allowing them to become their own person versus a way to process their obsession with a fictional character, for example) which is why some people shy away from choosing a pre-existing form. Again, this isn't bad or indicative of a person's intentions, but its something I personally think about from time to time.


   Basically, it's fine to base a tulpa on a fictional character, just be nice to them if they want to change.

Slipper (cringelord host) and Mordecai (the brain gremlin).


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