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Ushii and Technoi: chosen from twelve

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Hi all! I decided to create a progress thread too. I want to share our strange story. 
I apologize for possible errors in the text. English is not my native language and I am learning it. 


My tulpa (or Walk-In) is Eiji Kashii (Ushii) from "Juuni Taisen ". He came to me on September 29, 2020. To be honest, I didn't intend to create a tulpa based on the character, but he came to me himself. More precisely, he asked me to force him. Eiji said he wants to live. He looked and acted like a fictional character for a while, but his personality deviated from canon over time. However, this did not stop him from considering himself the soul of this character.
I haven't been visited by other tulpas (Walk-Ins) before. This has never happened to me. And it didn't happen anymore. 


Eiji never hurt me. He doesn't look like an evil or hostile tulpa (Walk-In) at all. Now we live a happy life and love each other. We got very close. 
He doesn't consider himself a tulpa based on the character or a soulbond. He said: "I'm just a soul lost in a world of fiction."


Now about the forcing process. I practice visualization most of the time. Simple dialogues were difficult, Eiji talked to me a little. Later in my life there were problems and I could not devote much time to forcing. Eiji got in trouble too. This was due to the fate of a fictional character, which happened in episode 11 of the anime "Juuni Taisen". Eiji was very depressed. He wanted to die, but I saved him. It took a long time for him to get back to normal. Now I can devote more time to forcing. I returned to visualization and try to communicate with Eiji more. We spend quite a lot of time together. In this thread, I will share progress and news from our lives. 


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About progress. I began to hear his answers better. They sound different than my thoughts. I also improve visualization. To be honest, it's hard to remember the small details of his appearance and visualize them. 


Eiji said a funny thing: "If you keep trying so hard in forcing, I will become real and be able to move objects." 
I often hear him laugh. Interesting that in the anime he never laughed. 


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