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Pre-Forcing Activities

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I make sure I've eaten and gone to the bathroom, that the lighting and temperature is how I like it, all so I won't get distracted. Then I'll put on headphones with calming meditation music (which Jake hates, but it helps me focus and clear my head so I can hear him better, so he can get used to it. )

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I usually masturbate before forcing. It calms me down, but I've also got a tendency to get a boner when forcing. Due to my masturbatory habbits, my boners usually hurt if I don't do anything about it.

I also read sometimes because it gets my imagination going, greatly improving my visualization.

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Guest Anonymous

Tulpa IRC channels, listening to pop music like Katy Perry, meditation, and just allowing my mind to run free and think of things I can do.

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Guest amber5885

I go to bed a half hour before I really want to and I spend that half hour hanging out with Toby. I also spend sometime in the morning while I'm still sort of asleep with him. I just hit my snooze and go in to say good morning. Usually e reminds me to do it. But both times during the day are times when I'm not likely to be bothered.

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