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What is the fastest way to fully form a tulpa?

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Hey, it’s me alena. So I’ve been forming my tulpa, who goes by Vee now, in various impromptu ways over a few months, and I don’t get much results. I’m wondering what the fastest way to develop her is.

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The general rule of thumb is the more you think about your tulpa the faster they will develop. That means keeping Vee on your mind constantly even when you are not actively forcing her. Narrate to her throughout your day, tell her about what you're doing or what you're feeling at random moments. Talk to her conversationally as if expecting a response. Basically you are training your mind to expect her to be there and if you force yourself to think about her enough it will come automatically.


I'm still a strong believer in active forcing so do whichever activities work for you, but I really do think that you only need a little bit of true active forcing per day, but that active forcing should be padded by literal hours of passive forcing as you go about your day and do other things.


I hope that was helpful, and good luck! 😁

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a combo of active forcing once a day and passive forcing throughout(reading to them, explaining why i think the way i do, elaborating on what does what and why, etc) got me results after a month or two. as soon as they start moving around or talking it basically snowballs from there, so focus on talking to them and seeing if they react

Amelia- Oct. 7, 2012

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I'd add "what results are you expecting?" If you're expecting to experience a fully separate person next to you on the sofa, and that's not what you're getting, I can see how that would feel like you're not making progress. But perhaps you're progressing in other ways, that aren't as "in your face".

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It completely depends on both you and the tulpa, there is not a specific technique. Hypothetically a tulpa could take five years to develop even though you are spending all of your energy on them.

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