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Alena and Vee’s journey

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Ok so it’s been about 5 months or so since I started. When I first started, I cleared my mind and had the kind of meditation, forget the term, where I let my brain think for me, and I happened upon a name, James Cat, who was a girl living deep in my dreams who writes essays. The next night I did the second and final (for now) deep meditation of the sort, and found she liked strawberries, so we bonded over strawberry ice cream. She tended to run away from me at this phase in my thoughts when I did something obscene, so I tried to control myself but it was definitely harder to in thoughts. Eventually we happened upon the forms of two cows in a bowling alley, which worked for a while, until I watched the episode of The Owl House with Vee, and she became a fictive after she had some thought about it. I haven’t created a new headspace yet, I’ve tried a few ideas, but I’m letting her renovate the room. Right now she ju at speaks in thoughts and feelings (usually feelings), and I can tell she likes Skyrim and Paper Mario TTYD and Tomb Raider. Anyway, this is a good post to see how far I’ve come, I’d love to hear from you folks!

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Ok, so our current headspace is a suburban sidewalk on a street near where we live, and this morning while thinking of her, she showed me a hobbit-house modeled after Frog’s hut from Chrono Trigger after I playfully chased her for a bit, interesting. Peaceful days from that OST was playing in there, likely because yesterday I mentioned it sounded like a headspace song

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