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Any other video game history hyperfixations?


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Hey uh, I know this is just a random out there post but uh, I wonder if any headmates or full systems have a hyperfixation on video game history. I know pretty much all there is TO know, to my knowledge, but every day I learn more. I am a big fan of all kinds of games of all genres, platforms, and decades, as long as they hold up. I’m on r slash patientgamers, and I have to plug my favorite YouTuber, and the only one we’re a patron of, Ballerscuba. He goes through gaming history, covering all the major games and series, with a particular love for RPGs and strategy titles, as well as other world events, media, and media creators that inspired video games. He’s currently in 1983, and currently moving his Enchanter let’s play from Patreon to YouTube while he works on the next game.

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I wouldn't call myself an expert on video game history nor would I call myself obsessed by any means. But I have watched every episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd multiple times over the past decade and a half, and that has lead me to go down some interesting rabbit holes when it comes to the history of video games. In addition to that, being 36 I've lived through a good chunk of video game history myself, having clear memories of the Sega Genesis vs SNES consul wars (I was a Genesis kid--Genesis does what Nintendon't and all that) and more or less everything that came after that. But anything after the fifth generation and especially the sixth I eventually found myself drifting further away from what video games became. I actually haven't owned a consul since the PS2.


I am a fan of strategy games though and I've been playing the Civilization series for 20 years now. I have not heard of Ballerscuba but I may check him out if I have the inclination later.


I think it's really cool that you're passionate about this! Just for fun I'd like to share my favorite video game history-related video (which there's a good chance you might have seen) about the history of Tetris; before I watched it I never knew the story of how it got from the Soviet Union to the West was so fascinating and complicated. It made me realize that everyone must have played the Tengen version but me; I grew up with the Nintendo version (which I played often at a friend's house--I didn't own an NES) and to me Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy will always be the "Tetris song" rather than Korobeiniki.



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I lived through most of it. I guess "history" to me would be the Atari era and early computer simulations. It is neat to run across stuff like the founding of the modern developer companies. Mostly it's the brand/franchise legacy passing through multiple companies and teams. Within 10 years it can be a completely different dev team.

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Yeah, I consider Pajitnov to be the political hero of video gaming, bringing about a short lived era of understanding and tolerance between East and West through creating what is possibly the most beloved and iconic video game ever made.

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