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Thoughts on Tulpa Pride Flags and Symbols

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I feel like pride flags should start and stop at the rainbow one tbh. adding stripes and such is counterintuitive to the original inclusivity of the rainbow flag. for pride flags for specific sexualities, idk at least us bisexuals got cool colors lmao 


I agree with it being some kind of symbol. Ampersand makes sense to me. As some folks previously mentioned, therians use the theta delta, which isn't some sort of flag and isn't exactly conspicuous. Similarly, people with autism nowadays uses the infinity sign(not the puzzle piece). Advocates for cancer awareness use the little ribbon, and mental health awareness folks use the semicolon. 


Yakumo, I kinda agree with you, and I kinda don't. I do agree that a parade would be absolutely ridiculous, but no one said anything about a parade or anything like it. We're talking about some sort of small symbol to show affiliation or support discreetly to people in the know. People in general are being more open about plurality, so it makes sense that some of us would want to be a bit proud of it. I understand that pride is a sin, but I feel that in its modern context, it often is used to describe more so self acceptance and the like rather than, y'know, the original definition. Something like, "I know who and what I am, and I accept it and am happy for it. You can't break this part of me." 

Hey there, the name's Bryan. In system Re:Body(In order of the rainbow): 

Sean, Esper, Blinky, Compact, Janey, Kyle, Gwen'd, Gwen, Emily, Rollin, Waynin, Trease, Layy, Justin, Chloe, Zachery, and Elliot. 

I've been here a while. Much longer than I thought I'd be. Our system was founded October 2nd, 2018. In early 2020, we decided that due to our systems exponential growth, we'd limit who would be active. Now, every month, we do a check to see who wishes to be in dormancy and who wishes to be active. Currently, for the month of February, 2022, we've got myself(Bryan), Janey(Co-host), Emily, Layy, Chloe, Trease, Blinky, and Esper(sub-rep). After over 2 long years, we can finally switch :) 


Bryan is currently swapped in as host, Esper is sub-rep. 


"There used to be 7 wonders of the world, but now there's 8, as everyone wonders how much of a fool you are."


IceCreeper909#0065 -- Always down for a chat 


https://discord.gg/89qN59SbRp Plural safe-space 

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The debate of whether or not plurality belongs in the LGBT+ community is an interesting one, but I think it can be said that we’re adjacent to one another. For example, the addition of POC stripes to the original rainbow flag never meant that all POC were considered to be gay, but instead stated that the queer community welcomed and supported them. I’ve found that like this scenario, tulpamancy is much more easily welcomed by queer folks who understand and accept diverse people. 

On a more personal level, I’ve found that my queerness is entwined with the fact that I’m a tulpa. Being plural means that I’m in a body that doesn’t reflect who I am, allowing me to emphasize with trans people. It means that sometimes I pick up on different forms of attraction or dysphoria from my system-mates that I wouldn’t experience as a singlet. It means that I have an extremely unique perspective that few others share. But because this is my own experience, I’m sure there’s not many other tulpas and tulpamancers who would be able to say the same. 

I’d also like to point out that I’ve gone through my own difficulties as a tulpa, even having to “come out” as one with varying results. It might be easy for someone to forget that tulpamancy is highly controversial if they never leave this site, and especially if they’re a host. However, I and other tulpas have received death threats on many occasions simply for existing, which many of my queer friends have been able to emphasize with. Though it’s been quite the journey, I can confidently say that I am proud of being a tulpa, I am proud of tulpamancy and all of the research done, and I hope that the rest of the world begins to support this. 

…But I think that a flag would be a pretty silly idea 😂

Not everybody has led the same life as I have, and they might be less inclined to connect their experience with tulpamancy to LGBT+. If we’re going to choose something to represent tulpamancy, it should represent as many people who practice it as possible. 


Besides, I don’t really like the look of flags and with so many highly specific ones floating around out there, I don’t think creating another one would stand out. A symbol is definitely a great idea, as it’s something that can be easily used for so many things (pins, emojis, doodles on the edge of your notes, icons, you name it). 

We’ve used the ampersand before as a symbol of plurality, though I do think I remember hearing that it’s been used to represent systems in general in the past? I can’t be sure, and it’s too late at night for me to be willing to go on a google-journey to find out. But you all have definitely got a queer tulpa’s vote for some sort of symbol! 

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I don't understand being threatened enough by someone's personal values to give them death threats. Lots of human behavior baffles me. Maybe I am just robot. 🤖 I don't feel the need for a symbol or flag but if others want it that's fine. 

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