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Can tulpa perform or participate in magic?

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Two questions

I know that a tulpa can't interact with the physical world. But what about the astral plane?

Can a tulpa perform or help perform magic like a servitor does? 

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I don't know too much about the astral plane or how magical servitors work. I think the original Tibetan tulpas were expected to act similarly to magical servitors, but they were more like God forms. I'm sorry I can't sufficiently answer your question.

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Like Ranger I'm mostly ignorant of metaphysical stuff but I think hypothetically they can do anything a singlet human could do if they get advanced enough or a servitor with a specific job. I have a dragon that wardens my Jungian shadow. That's a bit more psychological than meta though.

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wei haven't had any issue with kian joining on muir practices, and preforming magic in the headspace is doable even if wei may need to help him project, and he is fairly good at it and seems to be better at memorizing correspondences even. marnie also normally likes to help with spells or other rituals that wei do but they aren't as developed yet on those aspects.


muir experiences in the astral plane are abnormal so wei can't say how wei would experience that. it sounds like it would be possible since wei have seen individual system members act separately in the astral.

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I would like to say, yes, but I am nowhere near enough practiced to have had any successes with my tulpas and magical practice, other than in my fiction writing. I will let you know should I achieve that level of proficiency.

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We can.

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I do not really know for Tulpas stricto sensu. But, according to my past experience with a soulbond, I am pretty sure thoughtforms in general can influence real people's minds and even play with synchronicity to alter events. To which degree can they perform it, I hesitate but it certainly depends on degree of power and mastering of their own abilities from an entity to another plus it can vary in time according to their evolution.

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