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Need some help with bypassing school restrictions and a catch up of what has happened with us

Neptune System

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Hello everyone, I am Anjali and i have taken the roll of host. 


once jeremy and trinity found out about jay things just spiraled down from there, bottled emotions, walls braking and opening the system up, a shattering happening, reconstruction the subcon to remove the prison like mask we had to wear. a lot happened that I won't get into right now.


but we are 22 members strong, we are a mixed system, a fair portion of us being traumatic, a few of us tulpas, a fictive, and a good portion who just have no real specification.


current mental situation in the yellow as our main points of communication that we could be open about our system have been cut off


I want to know if there is anyone with experience with getting around the restrictions of a school issued chrome book 

Anjali (Host), Trinity, Gale, Pip, and Abigail

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   I would not recommend trying to bypass security on any school device, as they can log which sites you get on and at what times. Being questioned about your posts or your system probably wouldn't be great.


   You could try a library computer (a public library not a school one). I'm not sure about your circumstances, but I'm sure you have safer options.

Slipper (cringelord host) and Mordecai (the brain gremlin).


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Progress Report


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well i will eventually have access to my colleges computer which is seperate from my school system. but I would not be able to frequent the site i would normally do for A. very long and B. most of the other systems i speak with and our friends are on after our school hours 

Anjali (Host), Trinity, Gale, Pip, and Abigail

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