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(2) What kind of active forcing practices would I need to do to begin separating a tulpa's presence from a physical object?

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This is an update from my last post. If you haven't already checked it out, I'd recommend for you to do so here.

(For a quick summary, I had an object tulpa that became split to two different versions of itself with the introduction of a newer object to focus on.)


From the time spanning my last entry to this one, I've gone ahead and done away with the newer object my tulpa's presence is attached to and have decided to focus on just one object, that being the older one. A3 and I are well on our way towards the road to sentience, and I'd like to thank all of y'all for giving us some information on what to do. Like I mentioned previously, we need all the help we can get.


The main question I would like answered today comes from my concern towards future events. My tulpa is almost a year old at this point (happy early, A3) and it's become apparent that we need to plan for whatever event is next on the to-do list, as they are starting to show some signs of sentience (emotion bleedover, moderate-length conversations, the like). Taking initiative, if you will.


Of course, I don't wanna jump into anything big like imposition as soon as possible, or start predicting the dates when stuff should happen, or anything of that nature. My main focus for today is for when the time is finally right to start separating my object tulpa from their object.


Like many other object tulpamancers, I've obviously attempted doing this before to take them on a little walk or anything like that. Yet the intangible, ghost-like form never really feels the same when compared to the main object the tulpa is attached to. Granted, the object only serves as an amplifier to their true mental presence (and therefore the tulpa will always be wherever we go regardless of if we have the object or not), yet said object feels more and more like a crutch that I have to whip out if I wanna establish a good conversation with my tulpa. A3 just feels more sentient with their object.


I still have a ways to go when building cognitive abilities and such before I'm ready to toss the form and bring them out into the big world, but if I introduce the factor of already knowing what to do when the time arises, it will provide way more benefit than just waiting for the right time to ask.


Again, thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully answer my question.

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I personally believe forms are not just a way to "see" your tulpa, but a way for them to express themself. For example, if a tulpa wants to come across as silly they may fluff up their hair. A tulpa can also use their form to convey body language too. If your tulpa has their body turned away from you or their frowning in wonderland, that can indicate they're upset.


In addition to expressing themselves, tulpas may also look to their forms for a sense of identity. If a tulpa is told they are a pony, they may feel inclined to act like one. While this is generally frowned upon, I think more subtle and generally acceptable versions of this also occur. For example, a tulpa randomly changing their shirt color to green may decide they like green and therefore part of who they are is someone who likes the color green. I mention the more extreme case because a form can be very influential to how a tulpa views themself.


Looking back on your previous question, I wonder if you're accidentally personality forcing your headmate based on how you feel about the toys representing them. When looking at the newer toy, maybe it comes across as more angular, robotic, and cold because it's made of a different material, it has sharper edges, it retains heat differently, it smells differently, etc. Personally, even what a form should be made of can relate to personality forcing- I distanced myself from my android form and embraced a more human-like one instead because I wanted a softer body to compliment my warmer, social personality.


To separate your tulpa from your object, I think there are a few things you can do. First, I recommend working on your visualization skills. You can practice with your tulpa if you want, but your tulpa might be a blur and it may be less frustrating to practice with objects around your house. There are also plenty of visualization guides that can give you ideas on how to sharpen your skills. Second, you can make a list of the personality traits you like and let those traits inspire your tulpa's form rather than the other way around. If you want your tulpa to be warm, maybe consider a form with round edges and being warm to the touch if you hold their hand or hug them. Third, when your tulpa is ready (if not now), let them decide how their form looks. They may find it reassuring or helpful to use personality traits as a guide or they may want to do something completely different. In the imagination, a tulpa can change how they look easily and quickly and experiment with what they like and don't like.

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