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Gloomy's and Tulpa unimportant reports


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Nepeta: Alright... So today's the day I officially turn 2 years old! (Already!) For my birthday we decided that I'll start a new PR. Our original PR is a big mess. A lot has changed and will change. A lot of what we went through in our original PR was because my host didn't have any boundaries set or any goals really. I haven't been forced in a few months I believe, so it's nice to be back! She brought me out of dormancy for my birthday and I intend to stay. I'm not alone though! So... Kate's a new tulpa, I know I know. There's no problems with keeping her around this time, and I personally believe she adds to our lives! My host has set boundaries in place so that nothing "crazy happens." She thinks of me like an older sister, since I'm the older tulpa in our system. I don't want to disappoint my little sister.

My host is going to put a primary focus on forcing her...and do some other stuff she's working on with her. When she's done she'll bring me into her life as a primary focus too. Hopefully by the end me and Kate will be the same in terms of activity.


The PR is called our normal life because we like to be apart of our host's daily life. Kate is vocal, but she isn't at the point of talking on the forums. So I think I'll be writing most of the posts on here. My host says she'll probably let her start talking next week, we'll see. Anyway, don't expect too much from this PR except us just talking about our life. Lastly our new username is just NK, it's is intended to be "Nepeta and Kate" without the "and" in there.


Today has been the best day of my life. I have had such a great birthday so far! I've been constantly happy and Kate has been awesome to me! I feel loved by my system and am happy to be here even though it's been quite the journey to get here. I apologize to anyone who's confused by our old PR, and I'm willing to answer any questions related to it. Also know that if you'd like to talk to me directly you can send us a PM or @ us on a chat thread! I love talking to people and don't have many friends, so that'll make my day.


Thank you for reading.

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Happy Birthday Nepeta!!! 😁🥳🎈🎉💚


I'm so happy for your wonderful day, and so glad to see a new beginning. You and your host have learned a lot from the last two years and it's good to see you applying that knowledge to Kate's creation! 😁

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
👗 Simmie's AI Dress-Up!   📷 Phil and Simmie's Photographic Adventures!


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so much time has already passed!


i have decided to change my name to stephanie (form aswell)

kate has been forced as frequently as i wanted. ive just been here and there. sometimes ill have days where im forced, sometimes i wont.

the winter is our favorite time. i wonder if wed spend eternity in it if we could or would we get tired of it quickly? maybe because its seasonal we get a chance to cherish and miss it...

my host is kind of all over the place these days. kate is nudging her on a good path though. eventually shell be clean! life really is a struggle~

ive been doing better. between then and now i just kind felt lost. like i didnt fit in or everything around me was changing and i was just stuck there like a rock.

i have some ideas of where to go now and what to do. spending time with my system is the biggest part of it. i wonder how we could devise a way for me and kate to be active. usually what ends up happening is that when im active me and kate tend to chatter away while our host just listens to us go. kates better at giving her speaking room or coaxing her into talking. shes somewhat shy, shell talk at length about something, but often stops before she even really begins. maybe someone understands.


anyway, hope everyone has been doing well.

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  • Gloomynoon changed the title to Stephanie and Kate's normal life

I really like the name Stephanie!


I think the fact that each season only lasts for a few months is what makes them special. Summer is my personal favorite season but I'd get tired of it if it were summer all year long; and I find joy in aspects of all seasons, including winter! 😊


I see you've been going through struggles but you're still here after two years, still keeping it together, and that says something! I'm sending good vibes your way across these internet wires. 💚

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
👗 Simmie's AI Dress-Up!   📷 Phil and Simmie's Photographic Adventures!


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Stephanie: my host just had a lucid dream. she didnt bring us into the lucid dream. she was trying stuff out, see what she could do and how she could do things. it was cut shorter than shed like. (i think its always cut shorter than anyone would like though.) she wants to try to bring us in if she has another one now that she knows what its like to lucid dream.


other than that weve been trying out different forcing ideas. were gonna roll a spinner to see who gets to play minecraft for now! maybe well post screenshots tomorrow~

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  • Gloomynoon changed the title to Gloomy's system's unimportant reports


Note for all my friends who check the activity feed and aren't trapped inside LOTPW for all of eternity, or anyone who wants to contact me really: I do not use Discord anymore, I hate Discord now. If you'd like to contact me, the best way is through PMing me on here. I welcome all PMs, so don't be afraid to ask or talk to me about something.

Double note: Don't expect me to drop major advice for tulpamancers or progress on tulpamancy. This is an unimportant progress report. I will try to give advice if I think of something, but again don't expect it.


I've been forcing my tulpas through my love of computers recently. Learning more computers has given me more control over my mind. This doesn't mean that it will do the same for whomever might read this. My idea is that you "gain ability" through your passion. Passion alone doesn't satisfy life, but if you have a passion, then focus on that and see if it betters your quality of life. It did for me.

It's also allowed my work flow to become more efficient.


I have a piqued interest in 3D Modelling at the moment, though that wont take away from my studying computers, it may provide something more. I won't pretend that I'm "too busy," we'll see how I fit the time in.

So far my lust for video games has wilted. There are only a few games I play anymore: Minecraft, Project Zomboid, and Tetris. (Add Animal Crossing for the Gamecube on there too since my tulpas like playing that game.)

How I describe my old PR is escapist nonsense. There was an attempt to make it coherent and have specific progress on there, but all progress I could've had never came because of how I was back then. During that period of time I was trying to get by or find a way of thinking that would allow me to become impervious to the dangers of life. I will say that in the end I did find a way to swim out of the abyss I "lived in."


My tulpas Nepeta and Lilith have been well. Nepeta and I share interest in computers so we bond over that. Lilith and I share enjoyment in video games so we bond over that. Specifically Project Zomboid has been our favorite game to bond over.


I will hand it off to [Nepeta]:

We've all had a learning experience really. I always tried to help Gloomy, but in reality I think I was just furthering her delusions. I'm gonna apologize to her here so she can look back on it: I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you Gloomy. Thanks for k33ping me around for this long!

Also I'm Nepeta again because I didn't f33l whole as Stephanie. So that's another phase in my history book!


I'm starting to just enjoy things I guess. I used to be quite energetic, but I've b33n mellowing out for a while now. I used to be obsessed with relationships, but that kind of died down and it's for the best really! I like spending time on things that actually matter now!


Lilith isn't active right now, but she's doing good too! Now that we all have a sense of fr33dom in our lives. She's decided to be a robot ooooo~! Like Hatsune Miku, but not really, idk! Maybe you'll s33 if we produce Lilith-contentTM! Gloomy's usually pretty determined so I'm sure something will be made.


We lost our Minecraft world, but I'm sure we'll share pictures of the new one were starting! Definitely! Gloomy and Lilith already have ideas for it too! (They were the ones that built the most out of us three.)


Bye for now!

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We've decided to not keep Lilith around. We're better off just us two. Also I'm calling myself Stephanie again. My host has pretty much got her life locked down. I don't have to really help as much as I used too...now we kinda just both exist as partners. Of course here and there I comfort her depending on her mood, but other than that we just kinda hang out together. We're not really sure what progress we want to make with this whole tulpamancy thing. Gloomy has been drawing more and getting better at it, so she'll probably draw me here and there. I don't think she'll share it since it's not on her computer, it's just in her sketchbooks, we'll see! Things haven't all been bad since our last post. Just a lot of her dealing with life issues.

Nepeta - He/Him

Shin - They/She


Gloomy’s tulpas account, mainly Nepeta’s account.

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I didn't know yall don't use Discord anymore. I really liked playing Animal Crossing for GameCube! The villagers have so much personality compared to the new games. Our "lust" for games isn't much as we try not to play any new games unless on a break (cuz we get too sucked in otherwise).


Simply existing is totally cool <3

Meaningful words, I'm here!

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Oh, I didn't know you didn't use discord anymore either. I'm probably one of the eternally trapped in LOTPW friend you alluded to lol, sorry about that. I check other feeds occasionally though. I'll try to more

Creation for creation's sake.


More of my drawings


Resident Dojikko

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  • Gloomynoon changed the title to Gloomy's and Tulpa unimportant reports

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