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What if a tulpa ran into a literal ghost?

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we don't believe in metaphysical stuff at all, but as far as discussing metaphysical tulpamancy concepts go, this is actually an extremely good question


I have no idea how tulpas and ghosts would interact, if at all

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

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Firstly, mediumship is literally just communicating exactly like we do here, mindvoice and tulpish. Are they speaking with their subconscios mind instead of an extra-personal being? Who can say. 


Posession is posession (switching) and ghost can cause apparitions (imposition). Misha has done this spontaneously exactly as they describe in spirit encounters though ir was obviously spontaneous imposition, and clearly her. Ashley too, especially kisses, like dozens of times by now. She waltzes up to me in wonderland and before I can react she sneaks a kiss right on the lips and I feel it exactly like a real kiss in real life. She's like a kissing ghost bandit.


So yes, all it would take is the right interpretation.

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Mine reacted to a ghost similarly to how I did. We could feel not see the ghost but he was definitely there. Ghost went away once we gave him the offeeeings he desired.

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Technically Misha has done more ghost things than any ghost we've ever experienced including spontaneous impositions like voice down the hallway, touches, and a full body apparition of her one crazy night. She was tinged blue, floating and everything, definitely her though, we'll never forgive that. Also when merged with Ren once (Risha) she managed to open an automatic door that only opened if you pressed a handicapped lever and in an imposed state she pushed the lever and the door opened irl. Very odd if just a glitch plus perfectly sync'd coincidence. SheShe also made some bushes rustle once in a zero wind condition with no animals or anything to account for the bushes moving just because she flew through them in an imposed state.

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