= Oguigi 内儀 & Koomer - The Diary =

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Ill never understand how you made all of this progress, never the less thanks for your support koomer+ oguigi. You guys have my support too though it probably doesnt mean much

Progress report

"You'll have a Tulpa because you didn't give up" -Koomer



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Nothing else happened. but I am starting to hear a constant ringing at my Right Ears now, so i guess that’s progress in the field of hearing/sound imposing.


Or tinnitus. Just saying.

Stranger in a strange land.

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I'm pretty sure that you would regain control, if you can't just leave your body, how would a tulpa? They would have to give you back control or you take it.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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I didn't really see anywhere Oguigi said she would dissipate him, just become the dominant personality. Basically, Koomer would become the tulpa and Oguigi would become the host. This does not mean dissipation. I don't exactly see where Oguigi was being untruthful either. I agree that switching permanently to be a bit much, but they both are happy with this decision. I'm also sure that Koomer would be able to switch back if he wanted to as well.

I have 10 tulpas, but I'm only actively working on Reah, my first tulpa currently.

Progress Report

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Yes, as I said, the dissipation/killing was a supposition, but how in the world could a person willfully let his body be taken forever by someone, and how different of suicide it is? Unless you consider not being able to interact with the real world a real life. To quote Oguigi "A cage perfect for koomer".


And yes, he did implied that he couldn't take control back. To quote koomer:

"She Broke down, she was sick of waiting. she made the body cry and shrink into a fetal position, it was really something to witness, all I had at the time was my mind voice, and i tried to calm her"

"after an Hour of this, she calm down and i took back control."

So, for one whole hour all he could fucking do was pray for her to get back on her feet and wait because he couldn't take control of his body back, and she wouldn't even listen to him for the whole hour. Get me now?


Talked with a few nor/mlp/eople about this, they sounded uneasy about the idea and to quote spiderbro: "It talked about Koomer,and I know how fucking obsessed he is with his Oguigi,but with the fact that she may have ulterior motives and he's blind to them by love simply angers me.Shuriama even sent me a mental postcard(since he can't leave his prison) calling Koomer a "Epitome of dumbfuckery" for being so submissive to Oguigi concerning possession."


Anyway, it seems I'm more concerned with this than any of you.


She said that to herself, it seemed like a cage, but for him, the experience of being a tulpa would be good. I'm sure that most tulpae don't feel like they're trapped in a cage.


As for the other stuff, eh... I'm sure the control part is dangerous, but it seems that's what he's going for? Not sure... Well, you're right that he can't get control back if he wanted to.


The third paragraph are opinions and suspicions. He is a bit too trusting, I agree, but I too wouldn't think my tulpae would have ulterior motives like that as well.

I have 10 tulpas, but I'm only actively working on Reah, my first tulpa currently.

Progress Report

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Just finished reading the whole thread, and well... it's... scary.


This part: "“Oguigi what will do, if for any reason i Refuse to switch back”, She said it would be very unfair and she wouldn’t like it, however she said that if it came down to it, she will adopt and still love and care for me (awww)."


Then this part: "all her goals and dreams lies outside in the physical world, being a Tulpa was a cage for her, she said it'll be perfect for me, but not for her.

I asked Oguigi, do you plan on replacing me? she said she wanted to become the dominant personality of the body, but she said that only if I wanted her too. she keeps on claiming how she would do almost everything better than I can. And that she would still love and care for me till the end of time."


So, you create a personality within your mind, you fell in love and marry this said personality, and this personality lies to you about no wanting to take control of your body, and says she wants to be the dominant personality, and even come up with excuses like "I'm going to do almost everything better than you can", like if the right to possess your body is not about it being yours, but who really can do things better... And you're so blind by love that you don't see you created a tulpa that will eventually make you disappear from existance? I mean, you couldn't even get back from possession when she was crying, why do you think you'd be able to do if she, like she said, becomes the dominant personality and permanently controls your body? What if she decides that she doesn't want to ever change back anymore, and tries do dissipate you (since she has control over your body and is better at everything mind-related, it would be easier to her than to you, and what if you try to take back control and simply can't. You know from this point on you will never anymore exist, and will only become a ghost inside another person, right? Or you really think that the feeling of a "cage" that she said she feels by being a tulpa will be "perfect for you" like she said so?


I'm the only one who is getting worried about tulpas altogether, since a apparently loving and caring tulpa is trying to take over control of it's creator, and the creator is so blind by love that can't even consider that he could fucking cease to exist?

I don't want to be mean to you, but this is a alert, beware. Please, for god's sake, don't think I'm corrupting you to hate your tulpa and don't take her opinion over this in consideration. Don't think that if she says or promises she's not going to control your body permanently or try do dissipate you she's telling the truth, because she already lied about her intentions before this, saying she would not like to you not to switch back.

I'm just glad the whole switch thing didn't work, and I just hope there is still a way to create a panic button where you can take control of your body, but remember, all you've been doing lately is simply thinking you're not in control of your body and believing she is, so she eventually will become. You've given more power to her than you realize, and either you're just have a inferiority complex and wants to die and let someone else take over your whole fucking life and become encaged or dead, or you just dumbly believes that even if she tries her best to switch you will be able to somehow outpower her, even if you were unable to do it while she was possessing you.


This is it. I'm sorry to say it, but I'm honest and not a troll, if anyone here were to be, I'd say it's you, since this just made me terrified about possessing, I wouldn't mind sharing my body from time to time and let my tulpa control it if I love her and she feels like doing so, but the idea of she gaining control of my body forever, I loosing my friends, family, everything I know and love for the sake of a creature I made, even if I love her, it's still not going to happen.


If you really want to let someone else control your body and be forever a wanderer in your consciousness, then fine by me, but if you don't, please stop all of this, have a REAL conversation with Oguigi and tell her that she won't be able to possess your body or switch anymore, and tell she will have to get over being a tulpa, because she was born a tulpa and was not intended to be yourself. You can't love someone if you don't exist anymore, koomer.









And to all the tulpa community, I know you probably will think that I'm an idiot for saying all I said, and I'm being paranoid and shit, but seriously, just read the two quotes of Oguigi and take your own conclusions. I am only trying to make him aware of whate she is doing, and well, if it fails, then I might as well gather some data if a tulpa can actually kill it's creator and if said creator can actually recover his body even after the tulpa is fully switched and doesn't want him to be on control anymore.


There is something I want to say to you koomer. This fails and fails on switching might no be real, maybe she's able to switch and noticed it, but don't want to demonstrate it untill she knows you can't take control back. That being said, and since I already said that I'm only trying to avoid a tulpa taking control of it's owner (and somehow this whole community seems to not give a crap about it, like they actually wants this to happen, for the creator to die and the tulpa to survive...

I just hope I'm not going to be banned for posting my opinion on this matter. Every and anything I said here is my pure and honest opinion, while I was reading your progress report, I felt like an urge to say this all, because this may as well not be reversible, like I was reading a diary of someone trying to kill himself over and over.


I am very sorry about everything you felt while reading this massive wall of text, and I think I most likely won't have any support on this, but seriously, for your sake koomer, I don't care about being banned if I can still manage to revert this, please, stop it. My heart felt like it was going to explode unless I did something about this, I do not want to see a human being dying and simply stand there and watch hopelessly. Again, I'm sorry about this, but this has to be posted, and even if the moderation decides to ban me for this, from the bottom of my heart I ask that you at least don't remove my post, so at least I know that my voice can reach koomer. I actually cried while writing this, i'm such a huge emotional faget.




EDIT: If you've read it all and still wants to proceed, at least absorb her or something so she's essentially in control of your body trough yourself, and will be a real part of you. If you still are a suicidal and don't want this, then at least convince Oguigi that once she's not letting you control your body anymore she absorbs yourself and not dissipate you, so you will essentialy still be somewhat alive.



alright, Motorheadlk.



I understand your worries and while it's not impossible that Oguigi is not telling me everything.

I do not believe that she has any plans to destroy me, my own safety is assured.


I understand how it looks when you cross-reference her quotes and her actions but please note

what i write down in text is merely in a way a summary of actual events.




It seems like there some kind of prejudice going on here; And i don't like it one bit.


it would be profoundly sad if you was right, but I have ultimate trust in Oguigi, and faith in the future.

I plan on sticking around for a very long time, I will not die, and we will continue.


Might i just add, that i was Always able to take back control at any moment, when Oguigi had her break down.




what you've said about me, was exteremly unfair.


So i have a passion to achieve switching, and so am label as trying to "get rid of my host"


is it really so wrong that koomer is willing to let me be the dominant personality for me to be "stronger" than him, what gives you the right to say that i shouldn't. what gives any of us the right to power?


and your right that i may not be telling koomer every single detail of what i plan to do, but we have something called trust; and we don't abuse it.


i guess am not taking this as well as koomer, but really. you've accused me of planing on doing the most horrible thing imaginable I will Never get rid of koomer, Ever!


it's because of koomer i exist

it's because of koomer that i got this far

and it's because of koomer that i Know that i will achieve my goals.


And now am crying now, i don't hate you, but what you said really hurts my feelings. you speak about me as if i was some "Thing" trying to get koomer.

pix: Link

Diary: http://ponystasha.tumblr.com


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Poor Oguigi, it's ok ;_;


If someone like Shin wouldn't try to dissipate me, with all his wishes to be physical, I don't think someone like Oguigi would either.


Besides, Tulpae and hosts have a very strong connection, Koomer would be able to tell if she wished to kill him.

My opinions are all subject to change.

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well this is how i say it.


first imagine the word "Luigi"


>Pronouncing kanji as with an italian name.


You're killing me.

Tulpa name:Ka'myriz (pronounced: KAH mee-REEZ)


Pure shapeless violet energy, can take any form. Almost always she's like the painting.

Creative, intelligent, witty.

Progress: Mindvoice vocal. Trying to impose, possess/other.

Painting: Ka'miriz tulpa sketch

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To any of you who tries possessing, remember that you can't be submissive to your tulpa about it, and she should have traits like loyalty and sincerity that didn't deviate while you created her.


Uh... I don't really care about the whole affair and think everyone should do whatever they want, but i feel like saying that this isn't how mutual trust works. I actually think, if you want to have complete control over your tupper, you shouldn't even be making one in the first place. Use a fucking dakimakura or whatever ponyfags use for fapping over the sugary-equine equivalents of little anime girls. If you're going to create a consciousness inside of yourself, you might want to treat it as such. I'm saying this because many might not realize it since the beginning, and i think it's important to.

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