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Guide Guidelines

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These guidelines cover what each guide type is by providing their descriptions, the expectations of each guide category, and the guide creation guidelines:



Guide Descriptions


When posting your submission, make sure you are posting to the correct board. If you post in the wrong board, your submission will be moved to the correct one.


Community Guides: The Community Guides board contains user-submitted guides that teach how to perform and develop tulpa related skills and mindsets. Guides tend to be longer passages that go in-depth into their topic, typically providing examples and sometimes providing sample exercises. Guides may also incorporate the author's detailed opinions and provide dedicated resources. It should be noted a guide does not have to be solely about any general tulpamancy topic (ex. possession), it can still be an in-depth walkthrough on a general technique. For example, a guide dedicated to possession positions may go over the importance of this topic, the pros and cons of different positions, examples of and how to achieve different positions, advice for coming up with your own positions, and so on. General or creation guides tend to be the longest guides. Unlike other guides, creation guides tend to give a general overview of various tulpa-related skills and milestones.


Tips, Tricks, & Resources: The Tips, Tricks, & Resources board contains user-submitted tips & tricks guides and resource guides. When submitting a guide for this board, please specify Tips & Tricks or Resources, not both.


Tips & Tricks guides teach tulpa-related skills and mindsets without going too in-depth. These submissions tend to be brief and focus on a specific helpful mindset, offer an unusual but helpful approach to a specific skill, or offer other helpful information to make developing other skills easier. For example, a Tips & Tricks submission may be advising the tulpamancer to sit a table when practicing arm possession. Tips & Tricks submissions are not in-depth enough to be guides dedicated to the discussed skill.


Resource guides provide tools or links to other resources to assist tulpamancers. These submissions normally don't teach the tulpa-related skill they are designed to assist with; These are dedicated aids not walk-throughs. For instance, a resource submission may be a list of pictures of what positions a tulpamancer can try while doing possession, but this submission won't teach you how to do possession. At the time of writing, there are not enough recourse guides to have their own dedicated board, which is why they share a board with Tips & Tricks guides.


Just Do It: The Just Do It board contains user-submitted "just do it" (or JDI for short) styled guides aimed at teaching tulpa related mindsets. JDI guides are typically the shortest guides with some being a few words long. JDI guide authors expect tulpamancers only need the necessary mindset to perform the given tulpa-related skill and can figure out the rest on their own. For example, a JDI guide submission for possession positions may be, "Just don't sit funny". JDI guides are more about the delivery and wording of the mindset rather than the content, so submissions may be very similar and repetitive. For this reason, JDI guides will not have their own individual listings in the List of Guides.


Articles: The Articles board contains user-submitted articles discussing tulpamancy. Articles tend to be persuasive or informational essays covering tulpa related topics or the tulpa community. For example, an article on possession positions may go over which positions the author has observed and their observations about each position. While articles sometimes argue to embrace specific advice, articles typically focus more on the why advice is important in a broader community sense rather than try and teach their reader that advice.


Drafts: The Drafts board contains unfinished submissions that either the author wishes to further revise or need further revision before being moved to one of the other guide boards.



Guide Categories


Submissions are given guide categories to make them easier to find or search for. Community Guides and Tips, Tricks, & Resources submissions in the List of Guides are sorted by guide category. As of now, Articles are not due to the lack of submissions. Additionally, guide categories are also tags the author can add to their submission. The forums have an advanced search feature where you can search for threads based on their tag alone.


When you submit your guide, make sure you say "submitted for ___" or explain what category best fits your guide. If there is disagreement, discussion on where it should go will determine its ultimate placement. Otherwise, a staff member will use their discretion and provide a category.


This forum supports multiple tags, and a guide may fit in more than one category. However, not all categories make sense be listed with other tags. To address this, guides may have one General tag, one Misc tag, or up to three other relevant tags including the primary guide category for the List of Guides placement. Guides with the General tag don't need other tags and likewise guides with multiple tags including the Misc tag make the Misc tag addition confusing and unnecessary.


Here are the following guide categories:


General: Guides that help you through the whole process of creating a tulpa

Personality: For those who wish to create a personality for their tulpa, look no further

Sentience: Getting your tulpa to the point where they seem to act and think on their own, or help getting past the points where you are unsure or worried

Vocality: Tips on how you might be able to hear your tulpa's voice

Forcing: Stuck when actually trying to create your tulpa? These might help

Focus & Concentration: Guides on how to focus properly in the creation process, for those who are having difficulties. Includes meditation techniques.

Narration: Narration touches on how to talk to and with your tulpa, with some tips as to what you might talk about if you have run out of ideas

Visualization: Help in how to improve the mind's eye

Imposition: Learning to sense and hallucinate your tulpa in the real world

Possession: Aiding the tulpa and host to let the tulpa to take control of the body

Switching: Taking possession one step further and allowing the host to completely detach themselves as the tulpa takes full control on their own

Wonderland: Tips that mostly deals with creating or controlling your imaginary mindscape

Misc: Miscellaneous guides and tips that don't fit anywhere else

Note: Some tags have brackets around them, such as [general]. This is a side effect from transitioning the forums from myBB to Invision Power Board. Right now, I am using these prefixes to help me keep track of submissions that may need back-ups. In the meantime, if you want to search for a guide, make sure you also search for the bracketed version as well.



Guide Creation Guidelines


Guides should adhere to these guidelines. If these guidelines are not satisfied, a submission can either be edited by a staff member to fulfil these guidelines, be moved back to the Drafts board, and/or receive moderation action depending on the violation.


1. Submissions should adhere to Tulpa.info's rules.


2. Each submission should be posted in the correct board. A staff member may move your submission to the correct one otherwise. Early drafts should be posted in the Drafts board.


3. Off-site linking (such as Tumblr) or third party document links (such as Google Docs) are allowed, either because the submission is long or because it was originally published elsewhere, as long as

  • The website or link does not contain malicious software (i.e. viruses) and is secure.
  • The full guide can be accessed on the forum itself OR a copy of the guide must be provided as a forum attachment.
  • If it is a blog that contains NSFW or otherwise rule-breaking material but the page with the guide itself does not, a warning should be provided.


4. Advertising is acceptable as long as it is minimal, does not distract from content, and also brings some additional value to a system's tulpamancy experience. Paywalls to content are not allowed.


5. Do not blatantly plagiarize. While some guides can share common ideas and citations are not required, do not submit a guide with large swaths of content that is obviously someone else's. Minor infractions may be subject to the Revision Request System while major infractions can be moved directly to the Drafts board. If you are submitting someone else's guide, be sure to give the original author credit.


A note on older guides: Some older guides do not satisfy all of these guidelines. If there is a guide missing back-ups, please go to this thread to report it or PM me and I will fix it. Otherwise, if a guide is violating the other guidelines, please follow the Revision Request procedures here.

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