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The worst tulpa guide




Some tips on how to not create a Tulpa:

- Never focus on them; always focus on other things and spend your time elsewhere

- Avoid giving them a physical form or personality in your mind

- Refrain from spending excessive amounts of time thinking about or interacting with them

- Don't create an emotional attachment to them

- Spend time around other communities


I hope these guidelines help you not create a tulpa!

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I forgot to tag this one. Given that it's an anti-creation guide, I think the best category is miscellaneous.


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This is probably the best not creation guide I've read and it would've saved us a lot of time and effort preventing all these headmates that we're now stuck with. Look at me for example, I'm not even a tulpa, we barely even know what I am and it wouldn't have been an issue if my host had only had this guide earlier.

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Host: Very good tips and tricks! I think it’s a good source of inspiration for those who are already familiar with these tips, but never sat down and really thought about them. I would add that if you aren’t already spending all of your time possible browsing the internet, then that might be a good place to start when following these tips.

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