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The True Tulpa Guide




Save up about 2,000 dollars to get a plane ticket to Nepal. Once in Nepal find a temple on a nice mountain to meditate on. I recommend fire kasina as it will rev up your concentration very high and will build up your powers. Now that you have mastered lights you may see various entities. You can now devote your concentration on your Tulpa. They should grow strong and quick as you make their form a reality. 


You can now fly back home with your new friend, or alternatively stay in Nepal and live in a cave. 


Thank you for reading the True Guide to Tulpamancy, remember to have fun.

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Even though there are some JDI vibes, there actual meaty advice here is pretty specific and concrete- flying on a plane and going to meditate somewhere is a little more than a mindset.


Given that and the fact this is a general guide, I'll move this guide to Tips & Tricks TTR as a Tips & Tricks guide and give it the General tag


Normally I would send a DM here but insomnia 


Edit: uh... I accidentally moved this to the real Tips & Tricks board. When I moved it back, it seems like the upvotes remained intact? There was only 1 but still.

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