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How to Wonderland as a Disney Princess




* How to Wonderland as a Disney Princess *




We have all been there. Looking through guides, continuously scrolling, only to have our disappointment grown. To stumble on this guide for pretending to have ice powers and feel it's just not enough. If only there was a tulpa guide on how to be a Disney Princess.


Wait no longer because it's finally here! With this guide, you can build your castle and get right onto constructing your Disney Castle today!




Just like with any other wonderland, you do not need a tulpa to wonderland, much less as a Disney princess.


If you do have a tulpa, you don't have to make them your fairy Godmother, the villain, or another princess. They like everyone else will probably laugh at you. This wonderland is to prove to them that not only you will be a Disney princess, but it will be glorious. If they do participate in a meaningful way, they can be anything they wish to be from the noble Kristoff to the eccentric Cheshire cat. If they act as an OC hopefully they'll play along with the Disney theme, but if they don't then they'll probably just troll you. Assuming they don't troll you regardless.


You don't need to know anything about Disney to be a Disney princess, because Maui summed it up best:



If you wear a dress, and have an animal sidekick, you're a princess.


Or if that's not enough, you can read this guide for more. Whatever you want really, it's your wonderland after all.


With that being said, let's start with the elephant in the room: being a princess.


Being a Disney Princess


In order to wonderland as a Disney princess, you have to act like one. Or you can ignore this, but I think I already covered that. Just assume from this point on if I say something you don't like just move onto the next thing.


To act like a real princess, you're reading the wrong guide hun. Go look up some history shit and maybe follow news stories on a real princess, their life is literally an open book.


it's worth taking a moment to go over typical Disney princess behavior:


  • Being kidnapped and/or locked up somewhere
  • Being asleep or unconscious due to some magical reason 
  • Being a fucking badass in fight scenes
  • Being sweet and kind to others 
  • Flirting with their crush
  • Having family issues that they don't realize they're working to resolve
  • Sometimes using magic powers, but more often than not they actually don't have magic 


As for everything else, it's all personality forcing and visualization. Being hot? Easy, just imagine yourself with beautiful features. I don't really know what you think is beautiful, this could be physical body parts, personality, or just having a cool hobby or something. Being rich? Done, just have the expectation you're really rich. Or, alternatively, imagine being super poor and assume there's w good chance you'll be rich later. Having the best dress? Now we're ready for the next part!


Creating a Disney Dress


You can't have a Disney Princess without a Disney dress!


Now luckily, I don't have to write this part! MatPat did an entire video on the subject!


Okay fine, I'll spell it out.


Basically, Disney Princesses wear really generic and for some reason pastel dresses OR you have a kick ass dress like Moana's. You can go here to see some official Disney costumes of princess dresses you can scroll through or you can check out Rosie Somerville's TikTok where they make "real life" versions of Disney princess dresses. No, I had no idea this existed before writing this guide, I just figured someone out there in the whole wide world actually did this and I was right. It is pretty awesome though.


Now that you have everything you need to recreate a mental image of a dress- wait, what's that? You don't know how to visualize? Yeah alright fair enough.


A tip you may find helpful for the rest of this guide- watching Disney movies may help you get that image of a dress in really anything in your brain. Each time you play the movie, pay attention to how the dress flows, how the lighting affects it, and so on. If the movie art style isn't what you're looking for, I'm sure someone somewhere has made the princess and by extension her dress in the art style you're looking for. Heck, there may even be fan animations that Disney couldn't stamp out.


Once you have thought about that image enough, consider the image you get when you recall a movie scene. Voila, you visualized the dress. I don't know if it's easier to imagine the dress being worn or not, just replace the princess' head with your own and that should do the trick.


Now that you have your dress, now for the other essential ingredient to princessdom- an animal sidekick.


Having an Animal Sidekick


Just imagine your favorite animal and blamo, animal sidekick! You can choose if they talk or not, and they can be as magical as you want them to be. Probably not a MLP because I have never seen a Disney movie with a MLP in it, but this is your brain, nobody can sue you for adding that spin-off!


Like creating a dress, your animal side kick likely has reference material somewhere out there on the internet. I think the only real requirements are they're cute and they are either mischievous and babysat by the princess, like Hei Hei or  or the voice of reason like Flounder... even when they can't talk. Like Rajah or Pascal.


Now that you have your sidekick at your side, you are now ready for the setting: a big ass castle! Just kidding, we need to know where your castle actually is and what other people are around.


Creating your Princess Lore


You can't have a castle without the context of the town that castle is in. Well, you can, but it might make designing your final castle a little easier if you know the context of your castle's location. The Beast's castle got a really big makeover during the events of Beauty and the Beast, and the architecture of that castle is affected by the fact the movie takes place in France or something. So in that sense, the lore context does matter and is worth giving thought.


A lot of Disney places seem to take place in one of the following places:


  • A European town, or more exclusively just a town in some country nowadays


Actually no wait... A lot of Disney characters are based off of "magical places" that seem more similar to real places than completely made up ones. And probably a lot of them being European given the medieval theme stuff.


Once your location is established, I think it's worth considering what time period. Typical Disney movies settings are actually not medieval times, more like the 1700-1900s or something. Having a rough sense of the time period will give you a sense of what the local architecture, people, and culture are like.


Most of the time Disney films have a cast of characters hanging out in some small town. However, you do have exceptions like The Princess and the Frog where the location is a city.


I'm not an expert on European culture and folklore, so I'm not going to explain what to expect culture wise. Dr. Google is your friend.


But now for the juicy stuff- what is the town's relationship with the local monarchy? Does the town have a problem or some kind of magical curse?


Okay maybe not that juicy, who pays that much attention to the peasants?


Now that you have a rough idea of the setting, now we can finally talk about creating a castle.


Creating your Disney Castle


Creating a Disney castle is actually an interesting question because one needs to define what counts as a Disney castle in the first place. Most of the time it's a literal castle, like the one in Disney's logo (don't ask me to post it I don't want to get copyrighted claimed), but sometimes it's a place that feels like a castle like Tatiana's restaurant or the ocean. Since most Disney princesses live in seemingly medieval castles and I don't want to stay up till 2 am writing this guide, I'll just stick to getting you started with a more traditional castle set-up.


Real medieval castles in general aren't actually medieval castles. In short, a true castle is a giant huge square wall around a small town protected by a moat, a giant gate, and soldiers positioned ready to kill you. Like this:




Stolen from



I'm not an expert on castles, so I don't want to elaborate on the fine print here, but I hope that helps my point across that this is not a Disney castle and not exactly what I'm going for here.


That being said, after some Googling I realized that you're more likely to get pictures of something that actually looks like a castle if you search for "castle" and not "palace", "stately home", or "country house". Now if you look up "Châteaux" you get what I think is starting to look really dang close, but it lacks that Disney princess Cinderella castle shape.




So, in looking at one of Google's recommended "castles", I found out about the Neuschwanstein Castle. 






I figured that is really close and because I don't want to stay up too late, close enough.


It's not just enough to have just the outsides though. Putting my faith in u/MattMilby posted on r/dndmaps, this is the layout of the castle:






I don't have it in me to provide much more detail here, heck I barely know what a wing even is and I'm sure there are other fancy building structures I don't know about.


Worst case scenario, you can always watch Disney movies. You'll get enough of a sense of what you're looking at in movies like the Beauty and the Beast, maybe some of the Cinderella sequels, I honestly don't think you get enough of a sense of what the Frozen castle looks like to get a feel for the place. Not like any Disney movie is going to show you the ins and outs of a Disney castle, I have no clue if there's an interview with a director out there. Don't ask me how Gray managed to find a video of a dude talking about how snowflakes work and he was hired by Disney to make said snowflakes, and definitely don't ask me to go looking for it.


Creating Your Disney Plot


Now you're almost ready for wonderlanding! But there's just one problem. Who is the villain of the story? Who is the knight in shining armor to rescue you (or you rescue him)?


Usually you can start off with a good Disney villain by making them salty at you because they're jealous of your power and position of authority. Otherwise, they want to take advantage of your magic powers. If you want to make your plot more juicy, adding family issues, complex political issues, and a sympathetic story for your arch nemesis will all help. Of course, this is a Disney plot, you don't have to go super deep here.


There's also the option of just stealing a Disney movie plot and recreating it too. Technically you could have done that from the start but now you can customize your experience!


If you feel like things are too predictable, have your tulpa give you a suggestion. If you don't have a tulpa, throw some ideas of possible paths in a random list generator and see what you get. Or just simulate this in your head, should be just as effective.




I spent way too much effort into this, good night y'all. But now this guide, which nobody asked for, is real. Have fun being a Disney princess, go get em girl.

Edited by Ranger

I'm Ranger, GrayTheCat's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff. I go by Rosalin or Ronan sometimes. You can call me Roz but please don't call me Ron.

My other headmates have their own account now.


If I missed seeing your art, please PM/DM me!

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Host: Probably the best guide out there. It covers all bases when it comes to tulpamancy and Disney princesses. Really good for beginners who don’t know anything, but want to connect through a role they probably dreamed of in their childhood.


Totally real gat member score of: :thumbs-up:

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