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Sticky note personality forcing

Exabier Shadow



You're a tulpa. You happen to have a little problem. And that problem is your host is addicted to really expensive cheese.


What to do? Sticky note personality forcing.


Is it ethical to personality force your tulpa? Is it ethical to watch your monies being spent on high class cheeses? I think not.


Here's what you do- you take a sticky note, in physical space or in wonderland, and you write down what you want them to do. For instance, "stop spending money on cheese stupid". And once you're done, you slap that sucker on their forehead!


Now here's what I hear you thinking- will this make my host magically stop buying cheese? No, but they'll stop ignoring you and ask, "bro, why the fuck did you put this on my forehead?" Cause you spend too much money on cheese forehead!


Here's where the forcing comes in- you just repeat the process over and over again until eventually they give up and stop. Ta da!


Personality forcing is about exerting your expectations, and if you keep reinforcing them, they'll change. Plus, hard to ignore you with a sticky note partially impeding their vision!


Just keep in mind that if cheese is like their deepest darkest obsession or something, you're doomed. You should get revenge by spending their money on really expensive yogurt instead. Ciao.

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