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Narration Tips For Your Pickle Tulpa




Pickle tulpas may be a little sour but you can still strike up conversation with them. Just keep in mind and practice the following:

  • Don't talk to any pickle tulpas that aren't dill. The others can't be trusted.
  • Relish the situation by finding a cozy spot in your house, apartment, or even at the diner. Atmosphere is everything.
  • Don't radish things. Take it slow, keep in mind your pickle is going to be cool as a cucumber
  • Start of with a crunch. Make the first move by thinking of your tulpa and starting things off
  • Don't be cucumbersome. If your pickle tulpa doesn't want to talk, just focus on them being there. Enjoy the silence. Sometimes your tulpa needs a breather.
  • Turn over new leaves. If you don't get the burger with your first topic, try a new one.
Edited by Ranger

Meow. You may see my headmates call me Gray or sometimes Cat.

I used to speak in pink and Ranger used to speak in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). She loves to chat.


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This guide is great, but I have a problem with the beginning:


2 minutes ago, GrayTheCat said:

Don't talk to any pickle tulpas that aren't dill. The others can't be trusted.


I don't think any pickle should be denied just because of their form or personality. Not all tulpas are the same or should be forced to be what their host wants them to be.


I would like for this guide to be reviewed please

I'm Ranger, GrayTheCat's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff. I go by Rosalin or Ronan sometimes. You can call me Roz but please don't call me Ron.

My other headmates have their own account now.


If I missed seeing your art, please PM/DM me!

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