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Changing her name or just repeating what I’m saying?

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Hi, I haven’t been active at all due to a lot of personal reasons. Right now I have a tulpa I’m forcing named Vewn, and today I introduced her to an artist I like, Kaf (Japanese songwriter). Since then while talking she’ll randomly say Kaf, especially when I call her Vewn. It is very early in her development and these are the first words she’s spoken, and I’m not sure if she’s asking me to call her Kaf or just repeating something she knows? Any advice 




hi ! 
my name is Kiki I am an adult  and transgender (non binary). I use they them pronouns and I am autistic :0 ask me about fnaf, I could talk for hours about fnaf. 


I have a Tulpa named Evan, he writes in this color! 

I have a Tulpa named Vewn, she writes in this color! 

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It's best not to read into super-early-tulpa-thoughts very much. They don't secretly have a perfectly developed and organized consciousness in order to decide such things with real meaning. The meaning that you interpret early tulpa communication with is probably a lot more complex than whatever thought actually went into them.


General best practice is to do everything as you prefer or that you think is best until your tulpa reaches clear and independent vocality, and then you can ask them stuff like if they'd like to change their form and all. Otherwise, you're basically bending to the whims of totally random fluff thought. Feel free to interpret whatever feels meaningful as interaction from your tulpa, but don't let them sway you too much before they're a little more developed.


It's sort of like if babies' "googoo gaga"s were actually just random words and thoughts, but similarly lacking in real meaning as they learn to process words and thoughts in the first place, you know? Not that something they say can't become or stay meaningful as they develop, but just that you shouldn't take it too seriously yet.

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