Why isn't there enough information on Tulpa?

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If you're *fully* creating a tulpa in a day, you either have a good deal of previous experience or you're borderline nuts. However you can get quite a lot on day one if you assume sentience and believe in those earliest responses.

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It's not out of the question that a child could make a tulpa in a day, as it would seem that an active imagination can be a big influencing factor in how long it takes to make a tulpa, and children have very active imaginations.

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I am sure someone on here will publish a book in 2013-14 about tulpae.

We just have to hope that it will be good and well researched.

Already on it.

Here´s a quote from the second chapter:


It has been proven by the experts that 420ErrdayOrangetulpashowershampoo is the best way to help your tulpa gain sentinence, it can be bought at this




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Actually there is books on this, probably always has been. I know there is a Tibetian book (by that I mean the method involves the tibetian method of doing tulpa.. I have heard someone talk about that book in the past) which talks about these.


And a week or so ago I was in some online library and just for the heck of it I put tulpa into the library search and at least one book came up (I don't think it was the tibetian book but one of the metaphysical books.. I think it also included servitors).  tulpas have been around for ages, people in the occultism fields have been doing these for a very long time so no one should be saying tulpas are new. It's just the online communities which are recent. (it's almost like an online obsession with people thinking these are new with no understanding some cultures have been always working with these).


In the metaphysical circles.. tulpas are sometimes come under the "thoughtform" topic

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