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Synched vs out-of-sync wonderlanding


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We try to wonderland in first-person but it takes far more mental energy to maintain that perspective. Third-person is a lot more natural to us. Often, when I attempt first-person, it wears down into a type of third-person where I'm looking at the back of my head.


We recently got this great sleeping mask that blocks out all light. I found out I have a much easier time maintaining first-person and *seeing* things when (1) my eyes are open and (2) I'm wearing the sleeping mask. I think it's because the physical body is more synched with my body in wonderland. Sometimes I close the body eyes and look in a wonderland mirror to see myself, and it feels slightly off. I feel my eyes are closed so how can I see myself? Each layer of abstraction removed makes the resulting wonderland more vivid. If I am facing the same direction, in the same position, eyes opened the same amount, feeling similar sensations on the skin, etc., I can see my headmate in wonderland more clearly than ever, as well as the things behind him. It's kinda like how removing one sense can make the others stronger.


This is all makes sense and seems obvious. I've known this for a while, but I was still surprised how much the sleeping mask made a difference.


Do you do anything in the physical world to aid your wonderland experience? Do you wonderland in first or third person?

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That's funny, I just posted a topic in the Discord Forum channel the other day about open vs closed-eye visualization where I noted our visualization clarity is slightly-but-noticeably better with our eyes open. I wonder if wearing a sleeping mask still enables that benefit? We just assumed it was all the background visual information sort of "filling in the blanks" and not the actual state of our eyelids. 


FIrst-person is too hard (and unnatural-looking) for us to keep up in visualization, though our visualization clarity is pretty bad anyways. 

We haven't done anything like you're talking about to sync up the real world with our visualization, but just from thinking about past experiences a little bit, it seems like that really could help a lot. I wonder.


I don't have much to contribute myself, but this does sound like a potentially helpful concept worth exploring for some people.

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   As someone who also does better visualizing when my eyes are open, the sleeping mask idea sounds genius. I'll definitely have to try that out. And I 100% relate with the dissonance between having your eyes closed in real life versus seeing things in the wonderland. 


   Back when we were actively setting aside time for meditation for forcing, I would lay down on bed and zone out in an attempt to really "get into" our wonderland. Usually like how the WILD lucid dreaming technique is done, where you try to let your body fall asleep on you. Then I would focus on feeling things in the wonderland instead. It didn't work really well, I was always having to stop and focus on the different senses I should be feeling (like feeling sunshine or stepping in water.) But this method only worked for maybe 20 minutes at a time before I would become so stiff that I would lose focus. 


   Certain types of music help... sometimes. I daydream a lot to music, so usually it ends up with me imagining scenes or stories instead of talking to Mordecai. But some types of orchestra or video game soundtracks offer the right amount of daydream without the focus being on a plotline. 

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