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New "Thanks" System


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Evidently we have a new "karma" style system of "thanks" where one can give a poster a positive point for their post, and a poster's total of such points is displayed with their name. I don't like this kind of system in other communities and I don't like it here. For one thing they're fairly easy to abuse. I've seen users on other forums with as many as 15 alt accounts they use just to upvote themselves and give themselves an inflated score.


Even when the system is legit, it gives certain users a higher appearance of authority based on a score, which I think is unhealthy. People see a post by a user with a high score and assume the post must be true/valuable. They might even upvote them because they have a high score. It's simple psychology. The large chunk of our community made up by younger members is particularly impressionable in this way. The value of posts should be determined solely by one's individual judgement of their merit, unbiased by the "score" of the person who posted it.


I would feel more comfortable with, if anything, a system that allowed "thanking" posts but did not track a user's total "thanks".



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I don't like it either, for above reasons. Also it looks ugly.

Name: Philip

Age: (7 June, 2012)

Form: Male teenage human, light brown hair, green eyes, jeans & hoodie


Name: Amalia

Age: (15 Dec, 2012)

Form: Female teenage fairy, black hair, blue eyes, white dress

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I think they were thinking of

when they did this. However, it won't work like they think it will because of the reasons stated above. Additionally, more popular users are more likely to receive likes if their posts are funny or sarcastic rather than helpful, which may lead new users to believe that anything that the popular users post are helpful, whether they are or aren't. Ambience's troll spree is a fine example of this. His advice was obviously inane, but because he had the entire IRC backing him up people started believing him. It's

I would recommend what was stated above, and make each individual post have a 'thank' count. Or just take it away altogether.

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The Thanks system is more or less a live trial; testing to see how it goes for the moment. If people start abusing it the way the concerns are, or if it comes crashing down, we can remedy that by removing the system.


I could also note, that if people begin using alts to 'upthank' their posts, that's technically against the rules (multiple accounts) and said users could be punished for doing so. For the moment, the user who's received the most "Thanks" is a user who does make constructive posts worth being thanked for, but this assumes that people are thanking users for their helpful posts and not for witty or sarcastic commented posts (in which case, as I said, the system can be removed if/when this happens).


But yeah, if it comes crashing down, I'll remove it in a week; in the meantime, I can also look for a "Thank You" system that doesn't show the number of thanks.

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This clutters everything, ugh.


So does the forum stats thing as well, is there a way to minimize that? Am I blind? It kind of gets in the way...


Edit: oh god what

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