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A friend/fatherfigure or a romance/motherfigure

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I am mostly wondering which type of Tulpa I should focus on, I have two in mind and I have to start with one. One is an idealistic motherly girl in my age, of which I won't hold back my love. Another is an idealistic friend that has a personality of a disciplined role model father figure but with more of a competitive easy-going vibe. 

   Btw, I am not one recluse who does not have any friends or romance that can provide this but ',you know, the ideal is hard to find outside yourself so why not make tulpas that remind me of what people I work the best with. Also the motherly Tulpa has a personality that more or less teaches me how to spend time with only one girl, if we create a romance or not is up to later but that is not my main intention. 


As a side note...

I have made traits for a character and I seem to create a Mary Sue (https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/PuritySue , https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/CommonMarySueTraits)  as I idealize this character. Is this normal? I mean, they will be autonomous in a sense  but there is not much negative traits now, perhaps her aloofness and easy-going ness whatever negative traits are.. She seems to just hang out peacefully, and as you will see with her character traits she is more on the ethereal 'good' side of things. Of course I like her to be in this way.


The traits I have given her are as follows:

-an easy-going, tolerant, witty with a sometimes sanctimonious attitude, in general a 'feminine lady who is wise with her rethorical questions, she is humble, meek, non judgemental, thoughtful, booknerd, who sings to herself, 



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Creating a tulpa as a companion you also hope to be a role model should be fine, as long as you're more focused on them being an actual person & long-term companion than them being some perfect example or something. Don't worry about your tulpa's personality seeming "stereotypical" or "unrealistic for a human", as tulpas' personalities will naturally round out over time as they gain experiences and grow as people.


Well, you don't have to worry about how they'll end up, that is. Do make sure you're not expecting them to "stay perfect" or maintain a personality your brain doesn't even understand. They'll still be living in your own human brain, so there are limits (for example, creating a Jesus or Buddha tulpa might be inspiring to some extent... but they will imminently fail to maintain that "perfection" that your brain truly just doesn't know how to emulate, so it's strongly recommended against creating tulpas like this.)

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You should not worry about making your tulpa a "Mary Sue". You give characters negative traits to make them more interesting, not people. Also, writers and consumers in general worry too much about Mary Sues. The term has been used so much it has lost meaning. Who cares if someone makes a powerful character with purple hair? Or, better question for the people who do care: why?

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