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Beedle’s art thread


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Oh my goodness, i love it! If Pankie could speak, I’m sure she’d say it looks good too!! Thanks Beedle! (Imma put it on my art thread hehehe)

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My art thread

My progress journal

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Nice! I see Aendrea is a fellow green tank top enjoyer! (You can't really tell but I'm actually wearing one in my profile pic)


And those mushrooms are neat! 🍄 I'm reminded of the Minecraft mushrooms, but the way she's jumping on the mushroom reminds me a lot of Mushroom Hill Zone from Sonic & Knuckles. (My host grew up with those games and they're still imprinted on his brain! 😄)

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Here’s Lucifer!  I really like the hair on this one, I think did a good job!  (He’s definitely looking at Aendrea.) What do you think?



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Aendrea’s progress

My art thread


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