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How to overcome parrotnoia?

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Hi, I'm new here. I feel that parrotnoia is slowing down my progress and also hurting my tulpa, how can I overcome it? Is it a matter of time or do I have to work on it and how?



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There are thousands of answers to the question and thousands of similar questions on the board.


nuruwill you got this, I believe in you. You will just be forcing and a revelation will come to you. In my case I just played video games and narrated until my tulpa started making their own responses. There was a lot more too it, but eventually I was able to understand what was me and what wasn't me.

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most recent stuff I said about parroting in the Discord:

2 minutes ago, Lucilyn said:

again, parroting is not the boogeyman of tulpamancy like everyone thinks of it

parroting is (ONLY) intentionally imagining your tulpa speak, an optional method for getting your brain used to how your tulpa will sound/act/etc.
you CANNOT accidentally parrot

wishy-washy "Was that my tulpa, or me?" thoughts are generally necessary to the start of tulpa vocality

they can't just start fully vocal, there has to be an in-between (for most people at least)

Think "That could be my tulpa", "My tulpa wouldn't say that/that was just random thought", and "That was just me" when appropriate to teach your mind what thoughts should be whose

but if you just constantly doubt, your tulpa's vocality will never get off the ground

after a while, your tulpa's thoughts/voice will start to sound more distinct over time, until eventually it's impossible to mistake them for yourself

a sapling might blend in with grass at first, but if you keep cutting it down because it doesn't look like a tree, it'll never get a chance to grow into one


basically, it's normal for tulpas to start out not sounding different from your thoughts, but even whether they even exist yet or not it still doesn't matter - you teach your brain tulpamancy through intent (and belief, preferably), your brain starts to get it over time and starts creating the actual experience, those neural connections strengthen and grow over time and eventually you've got the fully immersive tulpamancy experience with no doubts necessary


doubting your tulpa (again, whether they even really exist yet or not) is anti-progress because it's literally the opposite of what you need to be telling your brain - "Yes, there's another person in my head, I'm talking to them and they're trying to talk to me" - if you tell it instead "I don't think that was my tulpa/That just sounds like me"-type thoughts all the time then it'll keep reinforcing that and never start developing their sense of feeling independent from you


in a sense you could call believing you have a tulpa a self-fulfilling prophecy


believe in them and they will start to feel more separate and sound different from you over time, but doubt that it's really them (when it reasonably could be) and you stifle progress, so try not to do that unless a thought seems unfitting for them or even negative (it's okay to shape what is and isn't your tulpa by deciding certain things weren't, on-purpose-when-appropriate, but if you doubt just all normal stuff that could've been them, that's when you block progress)

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Thanks for answering! I'm really trying to get my mind in a positive state rn, I've been doubting even small things all my life so it looks like I should work on myself first

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