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Failure is possible.

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Thinking about itching makes it more likely to develop an itch. This means nothing.


There's a slight difference between an itch, and feeling the whole left side of you body heat up, and feeling strong pressure wrap around your stomach and back. It's a wee bit harder to imagine the latter yourself. I tried.


The more I look at your posts, it seems less that you "failed" and more that you quit because you couldn't believe maybe FAQ might have been a bit off with his claims of immediate outloud speech, or that immediate outloud speech was something that minaly applied to him. You claim it's not because FAQ told you that, but who's the one who told you about tulpa in the first place? And who's the one who told you how things were supposed to work? Let me make it clear that this isn't to knock FAQ or his guide, as believe or not I do respect the man's contributions and his knowledge. What gets me, rather, is that people are basing literally everything about their experience on his word alone, even he himself said that things would vary from person to person.


Parroting fears are nothing new, every single one of us have had, or still have them. The difference is that we worked through them and have seen results and improvement, while you didn't and just started stamping your feet and being mad at everyone.


The truth isn't always civil.


Too bad you couldn't tell truth from a monkey's bottom.

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Haha, this thread is full of fail.


I like how you talk of "scientific evidence" and falsifiable standards" and other hoopla. Since when has a tulpa *ever* been provable to anyone but the creator?


Speaking of which, I think Phi said it best on the bottom of his guide, "In short, yes, you are deluding yourself right off the bat. Is that a problem? If you answered yes, then you probably shouldn't be making a tulpa. If you answered no, God speed."


Meaning of course, that deluding yourself is kinda the point. If you just keep looking for proof, instead of believing that proof will come, you won't get any.



Parroting and such has become somewhat acceptable because it helps you delude yourself into believing someone else is actually there. This induces dissociation which in turn creates a tulpa. That is the end game. Everyone is aiming for imposition and audible voice, parroting and mindvoice is just a stepping stone to get there.




But it doesn't really matter what I, or anyone else says. Every time someone makes a valid point in the debate, you refuse to acknowledge it or fabricate a means to counter it. You want to be right, you want us all to see your point of view, and maybe you even want us all to fail like you think you did.



I also believe people can fail, however I believe that they fail because they think they will, or have.



Anyway, you obviously won't be swayed in your opinion, and your opinion has already been made clear, so there isn't any use to argue anymore. So I'm out.

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"A belief is not merely an idea the mind possesses; it is an idea that possesses the mind." ~ Robert Oxton Bolton

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I am sad that despite your efforts it didn't work for you.


I'm also sad of the hostility you feel because of this. Hopefully you can learn from the experience in some way and move on.

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Guest Anonymous

5 months. Am sorry but its not a big deal. Tulpa is like a growing a tree, not a weed. Come back in 4 years then I might give a fuck.


Another fine point, one that I still feel has not been fully addressed. When can one know if they are unable to delude themselves into making a tulpa? You say four years, but that seems like an arbitrary time, even by that time, would you accept failure? By your logic, you are unable to prove you can fail until the day you die.


When to call it quits? There as many routes to making a tulpa as you can think of, though some have much overlap. Is there really a path for everyone, or are some unable to make their way through? It is like climbing stairs in the dark, but not being able to tell if your legs are working. Flailing around desperately, with no one to tell you when you have arrived to your floor.


Winter, Twosmokes, everyone that is greatly discouraged, may you find your way. It would be nice to understand what really makes us slowpokes. If lowering standards and accepting what my be false positives responses until they become imagined responses then perhaps that is what we must do.

Having more hard proof would be nice, but until we are able to pull off extensive parallel processing tests, I can see only a few options.


Pseudoscience, gotta love it.

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If lowering standards and accepting what my be false positives responses until they become imagined responses then perhaps that is what we must do.


This. I was a stuckpoke until I tried this, now I am merely a slowpoke.

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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Guest Anonymous

Fuck you. Tulpae aside, guides aside, everything aside, that is a fucked up thing to say about anyone. Dane was open enough to share his history with us. You puking it back up just makes you that much more of a fucking asshole.


I mad.


Glad to have you back, Albatross.

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