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An update and what's to come.

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My vacation hasn't gone as planned. I thought I'd note what's going on (since a lot of people have been asking where I am, and they probably will ask more when I'm not very active in the short-term future). I don't want to 'dump' this on anyone or sound like I'm asking for pity or anything, so I'll just throw it in spoiler tags, read if you want.



I've gotten very sick this week with a lot of things happening. I really don't want to go into the details, but they're really bad. While the likelihood of me dying is low (at least now, it is), things are put in place so if anything were to happen to me, the community would be fine.



I'll be back when things clear up, hopefully ASAP. Meantime, I'm off to take a nap ;).


Get well first! I don't want you to come back if you're not fully recovered. You know well enough that working with microdata is an agony no man should suffer at the best of times, so especially not when you're sick! I do hope you're back soon, though, and whatever ails you passes quickly.


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get a lot of sleep, and get well soon mate!

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Why is everyone getting sick lately? I feel like an epidemic is slowly targeting people involved in my life...maybe I'm cursed?


Seriously though, get better man. And you're a real baka for assuming we wouldn't want to hear/care about your troubles. You can be humble all you want, Pleeb, but you are real important to this community. Even I (a relative outsider) can see that.

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For those wondering, I'm not dead (made it through the hurricane and illness) just super overworked.


Expect an announcement soon, maybe Monday, with some big things that will be coming.


But in short, the new site structure (not content or layout but logical structure) and the CMS have been worked out, and there are a few new and exciting things on the way, from wikis to science! I'll go more into the details in the coming announcement.

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