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Mental conditions and tulpae

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Do you have a mental condition?  

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  1. 1. Do you have a mental condition?

    • Yes, it is diagnosed by a professional
    • Yes, but it's not diagnosed, I just know I have it
    • Maybe...I'm not sure, but sometimes I feel like I do.
    • Nope.

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Guest Anonymous

I myself have Aspergers, a mild form of autism. It'll affect the time frame (as I'm not as focussed) but I don't think that Helix and Pixel will be affected that much.

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I too have Assburgers, and my tulpae say that talking to me can be like talking to a brick wall at times. Between that, and it can be hard to understand them when they're not using telepathy to speak with me.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

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I have some mild OCD, and the perfectionism side of it has certainly affected me. Like it does with everything, it makes me want to be completely sure of things and not just blindly believe. It's led to some pretty bad parroting/puppeting paranoia.


Lyra just stood still for the longest time while I worked on her, and it took me *forever* to recognize the thoughts she sends me. I'm still learning to listen to her effectively.


Yesterday I gave her an Eevee with the intention of letting her play with it like a doll for long periods, and see if it eventually becomes sentient, possibly weeks or months later. When I explained this to her, she immediately replied that he's already sentient -- obviously she knows first-hand how important this assumption is. A few hours later I went to force and he started moving. He had a big day and now appears to be sleeping it off, but does very much look and feel alive.

Lyra: human female, ~17

Evan: boy, ~14, was an Eevee

Anera: anime-style girl, ~12; Lyra made her

My blog :: Time expectations are bad (forcing time targets are good though)

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Assperk as well. I think the biggest affection it has on my tuppers is that I tend to get rather absorbed in other things and forget that my tuppers are even near me at all.

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I have no diagnosed mental illnesses, although being introverted has been a rather large nuisance. It makes me get very easily distracted into other thoughts, entertaining scenarios that I know won't happen, until I just forget I was forcing eventually and end up bringing myself back. It's delayed my progress a considerable amount, along with my procrastination. I assume it is because of these two reasons I have not reached sentience yet(mostly the procrastination)

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ADD, and OCD


Attention Deficit Disorder causes me to lose focus easily, and daydream of practicly anything I want and lose time completely (I'M TALKING TO YOU, PROTOTYPE!). I often have trouble accepting things, and I have to be 100% sure I know it's true. Ergo, I brushed off her early movement as myself. I often require a second opinion or I have trouble believing/getting engaged with an activity.


My Obsessive Compulsive Disorder revolves around perfectionism and cleanliness. It gets so bad sometimes I become extremely paranoid. It took me forever to make my wonderland perfect for me. I thought I had a ideal one, but fucked up on something and instead of removing the said annoyance, I completely deconstructed it because I thought it was "poisoned". I often have to go back around and redo everything due to a tiny imperfection. I one time thought Dash's wing was crooked, so I ripped it off, and had to put it back on ALOT due to one itsy bitsy imperfection.


I think the ADD gets in the way alot more than OCD does.


Also, due to my OCD it takes me 15 nights to complete a house correctly on minecraft.

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Well, I guess I have some ground to talk here. I have post traumatic stress disorder, and my tulpa helps me get over it when it starts to fuck with me too badly. As far as affecting her, I haven't given her access to my memories yet, but when she seen some of the stuff I have she appears to get upset and usually has me do something distracting.

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Guest Anonymous

I have seasonal affective disorder, but I can't imagine that affect Sariah too much (though she'll probably go crazy trying to make me feel better during winter). I also have social anxiety disorder, which is beneficial if anything as I rarely leave the house because of it, giving me more time to force and whatnot.

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I've been wondering, how many of you guys have mental conditions or think you might, and do you think they've affected your decision to create a tulpa/made the process easier/harder?


Also, if you have any mental conditions, (ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, aspergers, whatever, pretty much anything that causes your mind to operate differently than people who don't have it) are they properly diagnosed by a professional, or do you just know you have them because you know yourself?


And, yes, if you think you're outright coocoo for cocoa puffs crazy, that counts too, just specify if your special brand of crazy is medicated or nobody but you and us knows about it.

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