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On #14 of the frequently asked questions on the guides section, the question here is posed :

"I've missed X time of tulpaforcing, what do I do?


If you're in the beginning (under 5 hours) and it's more than 5 days or so, start over. If it's over 5 hours, and has been more than 5 days but under a week, start doing double shifts of tulpaforcing. It's common sense that you're going to have to make the time up somehow, because of the fact that tulpae are made by concentrated thought on them, and if you're not thinking about them, all of what you've done is going to be hindered in some way. How much you need to spend regaining time and what not. But yes, as a whole, you will have to spend more time solidifying what you did, and adding on hours you missed."


I think perhaps this should be revised. Me and my tulpa were only 2 hours in, and 2 days in, to the creation process. I had briefly introduced myself, and her to herself, and forced maybe 3 basic personality traits. I decided that I needed to more properly map out the personality section before I starts, so I made the decision to start over. I avoided forcing and 3 days later, while thinking about that fact, I was suddenly overcome with immense guilt, and fear. My tulpa was already sentient, and this was quite detrimental to her progress. We have since gotten over it, but this theory of "It's okay, they're not around to mind yet" attitude was very ill-placed. I would advise that this question and answer is removed, or revised, as to help future newbies in a similar situation. Thank you.

Name: Kat

Form: A Japanese school girl... I think.

Birthday: 7/18/12

Personal signature: This whole being a tulpa thing is... Weird.

Stage: Vocal, working on imposition

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As Chupi's sig up there indicates, "HOUR COUNTS ARE TULPA POISON". The FAQ is getting a big refactor in the months to come and we hope you and your tulpa weren't overwhelmingly influenced or upset by it.


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