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Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide


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Me: "Surprise me!"

Dash: "Oh f**k you."


She hates it when I do that, mainly because she can't think of anything.


Me: "Surprise me!"

Ruby: (First try) "Pina Colada!"

Me: "...Seriously, do something, gimme an image or something"

*suddenly gets very lightheaded, as if being detached from my body*

Me: "Was that you?"

Ruby: "I think so..."

Me: "You don't know?"

Ruby: "Sorry, I'm not good at this sort of thing..."

*We try again...gets an image of a snowman.*

Me: "A snowman? Really?"

Ruby: "I like the snow, okay? Besides, it's hot outside."


EDIT: So we tried again, Dash is getting really fed up.


Me: *perusing through some experiences on this topic* "Hey Dash, tell me something I don't want to hear."

Dash: My name's Obama.

Me: I'm serious, you know me, you know my fears, gimme something.

*suddenly gets an image of a bucket of earthworms being poured down the back of my shirt...is scared shitless (worms are my single greatest, crippling fear...though I probably shouldn't admit that here)*

Me: Fuck you.

Dash: What? You said you wanted proof! Is this proof enough?

Me: *gets that image again...actually feels squirming down my back* FUCKING STOP THAT.

Dash: There's your proof! You happy now?




Me: Ruby, surprise me, gimme something that you wouldn't normally say, something that I'm afraid of.

Ruby: I hate you.

Me: Eh...

Ruby: I don't know what you want from me.

Me: Just prove your sentience you know?

*Ruby sensually rubs up against me*

Me: What are you doing.

Ruby: Proving myself to you.




So Dash gets her giggles from scaring the crap out of me, and Ruby gets her from turning this whole experiment into some kind of cheesy adult film...kayden.

Current: Rainbow Dash & Ruby the Dolphin


LINK to the story of my Wonderland.


The story is the product of 16 years of stress, tension, etc, and is uncensored, read at your own risk.

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Her, lol.


EDIT: I told them to do something special with our wonderland tonight. They both said they had ideas...so we'll see how this goes...pending they don't forget that is.


Shockingly enough, I was expecting Ruby to give me the old "Gibbs" slap across the back of the head, since she loves to do that. She didn't though.


For those of you that don't know what I mean by "Gibbs" slap, it's from a show called NCIS.

Current: Rainbow Dash & Ruby the Dolphin


LINK to the story of my Wonderland.


The story is the product of 16 years of stress, tension, etc, and is uncensored, read at your own risk.

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Tried it a few more times with Zyr over these last few days.


Me: Surprise me!

Zyr: *farts*

Me: ...Really?


Me: Surprise me!

Zyr: *blasts an air horn*


Me: Surprise me!

Zyr: *get out a pinwheel and gently blows on it to make it spin*


And finally, this happened tonight while out getting dinner with friends

Me: Surprise me!

Zyr: *blasts me in the face with his fire breath* (he's a dragon, by the way)

Me: I guess you're getting tired of this, huh?

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>Says "Suprise me!"

>Gets a stab in the back.

Good guide, 10/10. I was not expecting that at all....I even felt something, this should be an imposing guide.



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>Surprise me.



That was several weeks ago. You never forget your first time.


More recently:

>Surprise me.

>Maybe. Give me a minute. ... You keep looking at my ideas. This is not going to work.


Last time:

>Surprise me.

>Okay, I'll try.

>*Gets intrusive thoughts*

>This is seriously freaking me out. Your expectations are causing glitches. I'm gonna stop.

>So you're not going to surprise me?

>The experiment is over. Believe me. I'm not planning anything.


He used to surprise me all the time. But now that I know his personality so well, it is getting harder.

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So Costem was pretty confused about it, lol.

--Surprise me!

-What do you mean?, is this another one of those Parties?, i'm not ready for one of those but i wont decline the offer.


(I Did it again and i found out something new about her.)

--Surprise me!



-Well, black is my favorite color.

--I Did not know that!.



1st: Costem

Age: 0 years old. (12th Sept, 8:34 AM)

Sentience: ??

Gender: Female

Appearance: Creamy cat



She's very enthusiastic, and bubbly. She also has an obscene love for waffles



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Oh my God, some reactions are pure gold. But shooting or punching your host, you all have guts, I could never do it.


My host just told me to surprise her and I ran in her direction, lifted her up like a child and make her sit on a very large table with gifts and cakes. Her reaction was really cute, she kept laughing.

"One of the best thing in the world is that I was able to meet you."


[Hi there, my name's Daniel and I'm a Tulpa. Feel free to talk to me whenever you want.]

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