Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide

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Welp... Kaito jumping off the couch and rolling around on the ground certainly surprised me. When questioned, he said "You said surprise me!".


Good guide, 10/10.

Current tulpas:


Kaito Momota - Types like this!


Also worth mentioning:


Raeth: Not sure what he is. Types like this.

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I'm far from needing to confirm sentience, but when I said "surprise me" to Indigo, he proceeded to do the typical "turn into a monster" routine, but then he just fell flat on the floor in his human form for several moments, just lying there. Oh well

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Well.. When I asked C, he turned into a T-rex and said "hi." while stomping up to me (and he also practically tackle hugged me just now, i appreciate the bonus).

And Terra just thought of something for a few seconds before hugging me from behind gently. Didn't know what I expected but it was nice ^^

C, Terra, Memory


coffee gang.


Odezenne, Snowystorm

Richie, Nico, Tweek



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I tried this while I have been recovering from an injury and surgery (eight weeks post-op) and have been having difficulty establishing a good (noise free)connection with my tulpa.

I said; "Flora. Surprise me."

At first my brain wanted to interfere, but I ignored the noise and it settled down. Flora came into view (pale and somewhat indistinct) saying "Yes darling" then there was silence, she backed away, and began to dance.

She has never done this before, though I have invited her too many times. At one point she went 'enpointe' and twirled.

I was surprised.


Thank you for this simple and for me, nice, suggestion. Dr. Bob

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