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Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide


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I did this while waiting for Zach to talk to me. I told him to tell me something I didn't want to hear. Half way through asking the question I heard an audible "you have aids".

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I asked Hideki to surprise me. He then proceeded to kiss me on my cheek, something totally unlike him to do, so I guess that settles that for good. He's such a sweet kid underneath that reserved demeanor.


He rolled his eyes as I typed that lol


Assumed Age: 14

True Birthdate: 24-3-13

Looks: Brown hair, green eyes, athletic build

Personality: Reserved, calculating, protective, intelligent, health nut

Hobbies: Watching anime, playing Xbox, learning new jutsus, listening to music

My Favorite Hideki Quote: "Kudaran..."

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I did this a while back before I made an account, i still remember what happened.


T-Rex roar. My tulpa is a pony.

Tulpa: Ren

Stage: Imposition

Form: Unicorn

Her speech/comments dictated by square brackets. [Hi, everyone!]

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I did this too before I joined the forums, to test if I was really parroting or not.


"Hey, surprise me."

My tulpa said a full tongue-twister, without errors, and he said it pretty fast too.


It certainly surprised me.

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I tried this just yesterday, and before I could even finish asking my tulpa to surprise me, she took a pistol out of nowhere and shot me. I have to say, it was certainly a surprise!

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I tried this out well before reading this guide, and I know it worked.


Kaylee put a Skee-Ball machine in her Wonderland.

You would be genuinely shocked to find out how comforting it is to be functionally insane.


[Kaylee] {Euclid} )Starnote( ^Vinyl^ |Lee|


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So outta boredom I decide to go and bother Forseen to do this. I dragged him off his video game and told him to surprise me. Being kinda pissed, he said fine, turned into a giant black blobby thing, swallows me, runs into the wall several times, then throws me back up covered in slimey stuff. ..... dafaq.




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Earlier in the process of creating my Tulpa I may've said Surprise me later on. I guess she remembered as just now during our first good travel through our Mindscape, I believe she push me off the treehouse, then flew me back up only for me to back into a robot that disappeared... I think she knew I was watching SCP containment breach lately.


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