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Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide


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Disapproved. Needs some elaboration, even if it's just a tip.

"Assert the supremacy of your Imaginal acts over facts and put all things in subjection to them... Nothing can take it from but your failure to persist in imagining the ideal realized."


-Neville Goddard

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Approved for tips, although I'm not sure this is an entirely reliable method for doing what the thread topic suggests.


It can be a fun activity to do with your tulpa, but will it truly convince someone of their tulpa's sentience unless their imagination is somewhat static unless the tulpa does their best to do so?


Something I found to work a bit better is to let my tulpa be naturally surprising/unexpected by observing them without influencing them:


1. Start narrating to the tulpa while passively focusing on their essence (that unique feeling every person has) and keeping a very passive focus on your imagination.


2. Just keep on talking and focusing on your thoughts (you could also focus on the sound of your inner voice).


3. Tulpa responds in all kinds of partially involuntary/unexpected ways: emotional responses/feels, thoughts, voice, that-unique-feel-you-get-when-another-person-is-sharing-your-head-with-you, ...


4. Were you doubting your tulpa's sentience before? What about now when you can't really prevent their replies (unless you purposefully try ignoring them) and especially when their replies make sense/are consistent and you didn't consider or predict them?


Getting to believe your tulpa is sentient is something that should happen with evidence (given to you by your tulpa - which will happen as long as you give them some chances - by paying attention to them) and should usually be a gradual process, not a belief that's forced overnight.

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I've tried this thing while lying beside a pool. Guess what, Lucy - my tulpa, which in fact has just 4 days jumped into it. By jumping into it I mean I just started open eyed visualizating out of the blue and she appeared even tough I still have some problems with visualizating her face.

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Well this definitely don't work for all people. Telling someone with major parroting and puppeting fears to just let got of their fears won't go anywhere and then they'll be doubting everything...


I guess I can approve this as a tip.


Not only doubt, but also false positives. Trust me, I have eight months of personal experience. facepalm

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. <3

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We tried it a few times and he kept going for things that were in the area, but just a moment ago he started chasing after a butterfly. It worked!

Tulpa: Walter

age: 8 years (feels that he is 19)

Likes: Vanilla ice cream, scary movies

appearance: Short black hair, tall, grey eyes. Likes to wear a black vest over a white dress shirt and pants.


host: Amanda

age: 19

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I actually just tried this with Chael and then with Celeste.


Chael actually scared me, despite his calm, mild nature. The first time I told him to surprise me, I waited a few seconds, and then, out of nowhere, his head rolled off of his shoulders and passed where I was sitting, which left me a little appalled, as it was accompanied by a trail of blood. I asked him to surprise me and do something else, to which his head fell off again, bounced off the floor, and landed in his hand. I see know where that 'snarky/smart-aleck' trait that I thought didn't stick went to. And so, I tried one more time, telling him to do something that didn't have to do with is head, and he got up and started doing jumping jacks. >_>


I then asked him to sit next to me and for Celeste to sit across from me. I tried a few times to have her surprise me, but, as I expected, she didn't do anything but stoically stare back at me. Then again, she's much younger than Chael and we're still working on puppeting, so I didn't expect anything.

System Name: The Z Squad


Original: Zoe, The Organizer

Gender: Femme Genderqueer, they/them


Headmate: Zach, The Protector

Gender: Male, he/him


Headmate: Zero, The Confidence

Gender: Agender, they/them, he/him


Tulpa: Chael

Gender: Male, he/him

Form: Fallen angel with rabbit features and horns


Tulpa: Celeste

Gender: Female, she/her, they/them

Form: Android

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  • 1 month later...

...Zero flipped me off.

I suppose it's because he hates Sprite (which I'm drinking right now) and the fact that I'm tired but refusing sleep because internet.

Working on forcing and figuring out all the terms and stuff! Help is appreciated! You'll be able to tell if Zero wants to talk if you see any -Z posts/comments/messages from here!

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