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Sentience confirming/anti puppeting guide



You need to let go of your fears of parroting/puppeting at least for this. Let them do whatever they want and tell them "Surprise me!".


It might seem too easy to be true, but this guide actually works, because the tulpa will surprise their host and thus prove their sentience to them.


I hope this method helps many people to let go of their worries about puppeting/parroting.

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Me: Surprise me with something Noriko.

N: Something?

Me: Yes, something.

N: Ok

[few seconds pass]

N: Ok, do something else for a bit.

[several seconds pass]

N: Ok, look here.


She placed a watermelon on a nearby table and dressed up in a Gallagher costume, then proceeded to smash the watermelon into a million pieces with a sledgehammer. Where it in turn splattered all over me and my computer.

[X] Surprised [ ] Not Surprised

Currently share myself with four other entities.

Noriko was created on December 15, 2014.  Sabari was created by Noriko on January 22, 2015.

Anzu was reborn on May 23, 2016.  Xiri returned on June 16, 2018.  Both had been inactive since 2012.

Progress Report | Ask a Question Thread

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Flailed her arms a bit and then shot straight up into the air like a rocket. ...She got her head temporarily stuck in the ceiling. *Facepalms*

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Well I certainly didn't expect anything to happen. Then after a while she just casually says "Shit". :D

Iro - He/they - 30th April 1997 - Host of the system - Speaker if there's no tag

Desmond - He/him - 21st April 2014

L - He/him - 5th May 2014

Nevira - She/her - 14th December 2014

Misa - She/her - 5th December 2015

Roska - He/him - 22nd July 2019

Danyla - They/them - 13th July 2020

Asha - He/him - 13th June 2022

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I don't actually have a vocal tulpa yet, but I just did this anyways, for shits and giggles, y'know...


Me: "Surprise me!"

(first thing that comes to mind): "Cats!"

Me: "...Yeah, no."

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Well, that was-... Disheartening.


Asked her to surprise me, and she just sorta looked around a bit, the same way I do when I'm told to tell a joke or come up with something random. After a while, she did do a few different things... Grab my cheeks with her wings, drip some of herself on my shoulder (a sort of liquid metal), and punch me in the back of the head twice... But all of them felt very forced, to me. I'm pretty sure I saw them coming a bit before they happened. We both got rather distraught, and she got quite pessimistic about the ENTIRE thing, her existence and everything about it. This, too, felt rather pre-conceived on my end. Usually, I'm the unreasonably-negative one, and she's the one to offer optimistic pep-talk-y comments. I tried to bring some optimism into the situation, but it's certainly not my forte. She seems a little better, but we're both still rather down.


The whole situation was followed by me playing an online game with some friends, and I was keenly aware of the fact that I didn't think of her unless I thought of her... If that makes sense. There were no sudden comments on anything, or random pokes and prods like usual. It made me sad every time she came to mind. She hasn't talked much as I've been writing this post, either. I'm not sure what to think. I thought we were doing well, but I guess there's quite a lot we still need to do.


EDIT: Some helpful comments on my progress report got us both in higher spirits the day after this, and while I don't think that the requested surprise was her intention, Hita did surprise me a couple times. First, after mentioning while listening to music that guitar players will make screechy noises in an effort to make the song cooler, she herself screeched loudly and followed up with "I'm cool now". Later, after I said "linger longer" she donned lingerie because I guess that's how brains work. Did I mention she is not exactly a lingerie model? Neither were super-surprising, but they certainly weren't expected.


(Apologies for any bleeding eyes from the picture. I am not an artist.)

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- Surprise me!


- Len appears in a giant brown bear suit, paws in the air.

Tulpa: Len

Form: Kagamine Len

Recent accomplishment: just begun!


He has variations to Kagamine Len (he is just Len), such as usually wearing some form of cat ears (whether it be a headband or on his white hoodie), etc.

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Nothing big but when talking to Tulap in the wonderland (they are a giant ball of light so they can pick a form when ready.) When talking to her/him the ball of light began circling around me rapidly. Note that I was just telling him/her about how we are in a gray box so that he/she can pick a wonderland when ready and I can focus on only communicating. It was exciting.

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Zyr was laying on top of me (pretty normal, he likes to snuggle), but then he started to melt around me and absorb me into his body. Was pretty interesting to say the least.

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Me: "Surprise me!"

Dash: "Oh f**k you."


She hates it when I do that, mainly because she can't think of anything.


Me: "Surprise me!"

Ruby: (First try) "Pina Colada!"

Me: "...Seriously, do something, gimme an image or something"

*suddenly gets very lightheaded, as if being detached from my body*

Me: "Was that you?"

Ruby: "I think so..."

Me: "You don't know?"

Ruby: "Sorry, I'm not good at this sort of thing..."

*We try again...gets an image of a snowman.*

Me: "A snowman? Really?"

Ruby: "I like the snow, okay? Besides, it's hot outside."


EDIT: So we tried again, Dash is getting really fed up.


Me: *perusing through some experiences on this topic* "Hey Dash, tell me something I don't want to hear."

Dash: My name's Obama.

Me: I'm serious, you know me, you know my fears, gimme something.

*suddenly gets an image of a bucket of earthworms being poured down the back of my shirt...is scared shitless (worms are my single greatest, crippling fear...though I probably shouldn't admit that here)*

Me: Fuck you.

Dash: What? You said you wanted proof! Is this proof enough?

Me: *gets that image again...actually feels squirming down my back* FUCKING STOP THAT.

Dash: There's your proof! You happy now?




Me: Ruby, surprise me, gimme something that you wouldn't normally say, something that I'm afraid of.

Ruby: I hate you.

Me: Eh...

Ruby: I don't know what you want from me.

Me: Just prove your sentience you know?

*Ruby sensually rubs up against me*

Me: What are you doing.

Ruby: Proving myself to you.




So Dash gets her giggles from scaring the crap out of me, and Ruby gets her from turning this whole experiment into some kind of cheesy adult film...kayden.

Current: Rainbow Dash & Ruby the Dolphin


LINK to the story of my Wonderland.


The story is the product of 16 years of stress, tension, etc, and is uncensored, read at your own risk.

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