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Can I her read a book instead talking? If so, just out loud or in my head?

I'm not very talkative person, yet always something. But I have lots of books :). How would it Tulpa understood that her read instead I talked to her. Will not be disappointed or upset, and understand that I wanted her to read?

I'm the man with the dark mind but with the heart of gold. I ask what I am good or bad person? What directs my actions?


Tulpa isn't about why, it's about why not.

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You can read a book, it helps expand their vocabulary, but when your doing it. make sure your directing your attention to your tulpa.


As if you was reading a book for someone else.



However your tulpa will still need to be expose to a more "conversational" environment

so you may still need to talk to her every now and then about everyday things


"(Tulpa) you should meet my car don't you just enjoy the red color on it"




And, when reading a Book try to ask questions or make comments to your Tulpa on the things thats on or happened in the book.


"(Tulpa) i really don't like that character, he's too mean"

"(Tulpa) do you really think their gonna win? i do"



and Welcome to the Forums Major039 if you have any other questions feel free to ask.

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I'm sure it would. Like my predecessor said, make sure you are talking TO your tulpa when you read. I'm not entirely sure about this, as it's still up for debate as to how much control over personality a host actually has, but what kind of books you read could affect their personality. There is, of course, a big difference between "War & Peace" and "Green Eggs and Ham", so if you do read in order to narrate, read to your tulpa a wide variety of books, so they can develop their own preferences/opinions, something that will no doubt aid in their sentience.

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