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How To Craft Milestones for Tulpamancy Progress


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I noticed one beginner on Discord come to me rather stressed about whether or not they achieved vocality. I can tell they seemed very focused on being "good enough" at tulpamancy, which given the amount of work and progress they have already achieved thus far in such a short time made is sad for me to hear. I figured they wanted a goal to achieve, and thus in that moment I realized having a list of milestones would be very helpful for a beginner.


There's one problem with that however- Tulpamancy is highly customized and any one checklist I make will not work for most people, if anyone. Aside from the impossible question of what any one tulpamancer wants to achieve in the future, adding a list of milestones that are not relevant to a beginner may be seen as discouraging.


Thus, I believe the best solution is to walk them through how to craft milestones on their own.



How to Craft Milestones for Tulpamancy Progress


And this is where my fancy writing style melts away lol. Welcome to Drafts


- Specify what exactly you are trying to do.

- Break up the idea and/or make it more specific

- Go on side-quests, some goals are interconnected with others

- Research for inspiration

- Readjust, tweak, and redefine where needed!


Start with a specific goal: Achieve vocality

(What does vocality mean to you?)


-> What is vocality? My tulpa talks to me


If that feels too overwhelming, break it down


-> My tulpa makes mouth noises


If at any point you don't like your definition, you should change it!




If you feel stuck because your idea is too simplistic or you can't break it down, research the topic for ideas. You can look at how guide authors define the terms and how to achieve it. You can also ask people on Discord what they think the gradual steps are to achieving a certain skill.


Goal: Make your tulpa separate


-> Q: What would you say makes your tulpa more separate?

A: A tulpa is more separate if they can have their own opinions and beliefs on stuff


Break it down: -> An opinion includes a favorite of something. So a tulpa that is more separate may have a favorite subject they like to bring up


Okay I feel like a lot went into that "break it down", that was a big logic jump and I think there's more going on there than just that.


Oops, I realized there are points where you may need to branch off with an aspect of a previous goal. For instance, separation is a "side-quest" goal of achieving vocality




Blah blah blah


Don't beat yourself up if you decide to reject a milestone.



I am still working on this, hence multiple updates. I will save often so I don't lose my progress.

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