Multi-form deviation?

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An imposed whale would have been pretty hard to manage indeed. Not to mention it startled me quite a bit when I saw that huge thing seemingly fall from the sky in our back yard and destroying a bunch of stuff around it in the process. It's pretty fun to look at him change around, though so I don't really mind for now.

My progress log.

Do people actually read other people's sigs? If you are, have this free semicolon.


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My tupper changes genders frequently, throughout the day; and so do I in the wonderland. There really is nothing abnormal about it, only that shapeshifting has limited appeal towards most people.

Day 290 (11/6/2013) Why even keep the time anymore?

Can the cryogenically frozen live again?

The first step in creating a tulpa is believing that it exists.

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My tulpa switches between two variants of the one form depending on mood.

~Remember the dead, but fight for the living.

~La rage du peuple

~Ice cream is a feeling



Name: Frostia

Form: Light and dark blue pony, white hair, styled in MLP:FiM fashion



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In the past week alone Jazz has been an Andrewsarchus (i.e. read about a two ton prehistoric animal), has been an orca whale in the past tarantulas, anime cats, he's a dragon right now. :9 He defaults to a main form, and sometimes has form favorites. Bigger forms are his favorite. sarcosuchus being a headliner. If I don't think about it too much, it doesn't make my head hurt. ;)

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