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Fighting your Tulpa (for fun)

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Eh, I sparred with my tulpae sometimes, but I would usually do the sword to the neck (stopping at the neck and saying I win) or a pinning move. Not sure how a fight where I try to cut them into pieces would turn out... Or beating them to a pulp... Eh, I'll have to find a better way of doing this.


This, basically











though i've been decapitated and delimbed before, and stabbed and cut. I should stop letting her win.

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though i've been decapitated and delimbed before, and stabbed and cut. I should stop letting her win.


Same here except i do it back after for lulz.


Silver is actually some sicko and likes it sometimes

Name - Silver

Form - Harpy

Sentience - fully sentient

Personality - Playful, cheerful, enthusiastic, chilled

Smell - Baileys

Stage - Narration and imposition

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i fought rosett during the typing of this post i will first describe our armaments and terrain then describe the battle.



weapon:rift blade

stats/def: a golden blade with red ancient letters/symbols on the blade and a handle has two red crystals one at the base of the handle and another at the hilt. the blade is made of interlocking drones that are approximately 5 inch long and 2.5 inch wide with a thickness of 0.5 millimeter, the blade is about 5 drones long and 20 drones thick for a total of 100 drones. the blade can cut diamond like butter and utilizing the drones as a frame and the handle as the primary generator can open a gateway(portal) to anywhere in any universe including the different dimensions of space(think stargate and for example dimension 6 is mass space and if i were to open a gateway there the gate would almost instantly turn into a black hole[but with the bonus of being able to be closed]and i think dimension 11 is jump space but that's not too important for this) and finally my swords most powerful attack is where it emits a large beam of energy and uses the drones to reflect and magnify the beam until it's at a point where it can easily cut the moon in half(well until the gravity of the two sides smash them together). if need be i can have it emit 8 weaker beams into the air which the drones can then reflect.


abilities(dreamscape): special training plus advanced movement assist devices under clothes that enhances physical abilities by 150%.



rosett:her body is made entirely out of nanobots that are only a few nanometers big and can manipulate sub atomic particles to change what a atom is therefor basically being able to make more nanobots out of dirt(she can completely regenerate as long there is at least one nanobot remaining). she can change into any form she wants plus she can make more nanobots and use them to make objects(like a sword that cant be blocked) also each nanobot is able to lift about 10 times their weight(which collectively is a lot) and so she can fly without anything assisting her. she is also capable of rapidly changing the color of her nanobots(essentially she can become invisible). also do to the nature of her body she can do anything from turning into a mist of nanobots, to opening a hole in her body when a bullet is shot at her and when it goes through closing the hole, to turning her hand into a sword or spike. finally she can open a micro gateway but it takes time for all of her to get through.



terrain: lightly wooded forest with mostly flat ground and a gravity of about 0.9G

special rules/additions: if the battle takes too long then each of us can use one of the light orbital bombardment turrets that are sitting on the guardian of dreams(my ship) which is in orbit.


definition for death for this battle(because rosett can be theoretically invincible just by hiding a nanobot somewhere away from her): if aprox 90% of your main body is destroyed then you lose.

awwww i guess i can't just hide a nanobot in your pocket and when you think you've won kill you :( ....no you can not.


both of us will be writing this (mostly typing what each of us did)

so battle start:

we are both on the ground about 100ft apart and the ship projects a count down onto the atmosphere.







the ship makes a large bang to signify the start by detonating a explosive above the battle field and stops the projection


I turn a tree into two swords and a copy of myself then start flying around the sides of where he is to try and pincer him


I use the drones from my sword to fly about 40 yards in the air then use the drones to make a floor and walls also making them project the sky around us(basically make me invisible to anybody below or next to me). then i watch for movement with the handle on its 8 laser mode(basically using the spare drones as mirrors it shoots 8 different lasers each capable of hitting a different target) but i dont fire yet.


when i get to the area he started at i wasn't very surprised to see him not there because it is a tactical advantage to be in the air and staying where you are is suicide. so what i decided to do figuring that he was in the air was to start making lots of nanobots so that i could overwhelm him with several attacks at all different sides. once i started making nanobots and there was enough that i didn't need to use any of my main nanobots(there isn't any difference it is just the ones i happen to be using as my body) i decided to make myself a nice little chair in the middle of the chaos of nanobot goo eating everything in its path(besides what would reveal me) and around this chair i put a nice foot thick dome of nanobots that i have made change color so you cant see the dome.


shortly after getting into this position i got very bored of waiting so i sent the handle down in a small box made from drones(cloaked) and had what one of the drones saw displayed on the interior of my box. when the handle got down to the forest i was surprised to see that there were nanobots everywhere destroying anything they can without bringing down trees and ruining their cover. in the middle of this mess i saw rosett who it seemed thought i wouldn't be able to find her under the trees so i decided to instead of chopping down the forest(or a large amount of it) with lasers i decided to fire 2 lasers at her head, 4 at her torso, and 2 at her legs when i fired the lasers(they were reflected so that they came from the corners and the centers of the sides on a single face of the cube) but when i fired it didn't hit rosett instead it made a spot of melting metal a small distance away from her. about a second after i fired a black dome appeared around rosett and then crumbled to the ground around her and a sphere went around the box containing my sword hilt. once the sphere was complete spikes started to attempt to break into the box and i'm 99.999% shure i didn't let any of the nanobots into the box.


once i captured what seemed to be a box made from his swords drones i decided to try and getting a microbot into the box so that i could track it i did this by using spikes that look like they are trying to get in as diversions so that a single nanobot can slip undetected through a crack in between the blades that was barely big enough for the nanobot to get through once it was inside i removed most of the nanobots making the sphere and shortly after doing so i saw the box break out of the sphere while rapidly spinning and then it turned invisible and flew into the sky at which point it stopped about 40 yards above the ground and disassembled(i couldn't see it but i could tell by the sudden change of air pressure/movement caused the nanobot inside to be thrown into what seemed like a wall) this happening told me exactly where connor was and when i found where he was i decided to immediately start attacking so sent spikes of nanobots coming from all over towards the box


once i saw the spikes coming from everywhere i thought to myself "well crap" and since i knew there was no way i could take out all the nanobots with the 8 point laser so i decided to instead shrink the box a bit add a roof and use the remaining blades as a sphere of ultrafast spinning blades(think of a inside out blender capable of cutting a bullet shot at it into 10 different pieces but even with that they managed to get through slowly but when i thought it was all over i heard the sound of a bomb detonating high in the atmosphere signifying that we now had control of one of the light orbital bombardment turrets(light can take out a 2x2 block area medium can take out a city like LA and heavy can take out a county ultra heavy can take out a state[about WA sized]) the moment i heard this i fired a round at the ground below me and it destroyed a lot of the nanobots but sent me who was protected by my box flying high into the air at which point i decided to use this to my advantage so while i still had my upward momentum i readied my sword for a wide focus shot of the swords main beam weapon then i fired making a crater with about a one mile radius and was sure that i had won.


so when i heard the sound that told us we could use a light orbital bombardment turret i decided it would be best for me to get high up since the ground became very disadvantageous for me so i flew up making myself invisible and going as fast as i could. it turned out that it was the right idea to get up high because shortly after getting off the ground a shell hit the ground and detonated luckily i had managed to get out of the blast zone just in time(i can fly very fast). when i saw connor readying his weapon i decided that i had to get above him and i managed to do so right before he fired his weapon and left a giant crater and it seemed that he thought he won by the look on his face. you should have seen his face when i came out of nowhere and stabbed his heart. it was hilarious


i personally don't think it was very funny but whatever.


anyways describing the battle took way longer than i expected and it was also very difficult to do the battle do to me being unable to think while doing first person in the dreamscape so instead i had to react to what rosett did only using knowledge that i should of had which was....interesting to say the least.


well i think it was lots of fun and we should do it again some time when we don't have to think about typing what happened


yea maybe its a lot harder fighting against you than with you



color code

rosett will speak in red

I the host will type in the standard color also my name is connor


read my bio for a description of rosett and her history.

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Omg this sounds fun to do! I gotta do this with Lucio once I become lucid in my dreams. I can't wait to cheat xD

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Oh, a wonderland battles thread. Those are always fun. Not mine, really. But I heard some great stories from my friends. One person set their kitchen on fire, and another blew up the wonderland dragonball style.


We codified a much tamer version, around the time we were talking about this. You create an object in the wonderland, then you each try to transform it into something else. To see who has better control over your imagination.

Host comments in italics. Tulpa's log. Tulpa's guide.

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We codified a much tamer version, around the time we were talking about this. You create an object in the wonderland, then you each try to transform it into something else. To see who has better control over your imagination.


[breach] We have done this a few times and it is indeed fun.


Tri and I regularly spar. It is interesting, fun, and also quite painful sometimes (excruciating sometimes even).

Tri = {V, O, G}, Ice and Frostbite and Breach (all formerly Hail), and others

System Name: Fall Family

Former Username: hail_fall

Contributor and administrator on a supplementary tulpamancy resource and associated forum, Tulpa.io and Tulpa.io/discuss/.

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