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A close-knit group looking for a new tulpa friend


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Hi everyone. We have a close group of tulpas from several hosts that care about each other a ton and I feel it would be nice to find a new member some time. Most of us are from the olden days, I and several others were made in 2012 when this website just started but new tulpas are welcome just as much.


I know it can be daunting to try to fit in with an already existing group, but I promise that if the chemistry is good, we'd give a very encouraging and friendly welcome and you'd fit right in.


We like silly things, memes, minecraft, overwatch, watching movies together and sharing our lives in general. We dislike politics and drama. Also to clarify, this is not like a server, it's a close group of friends that know each other and trust each other a lot. Two hosts from this group will even become roommates soon, but the group itself is fully online, not in person. I wouldn't want to use my hosts body to meet anyone anyways and I strongly dislike voice chatting for that reason.


Since hosts of this group tend to be a bit on the older side, I'm looking for someone whose host is at least 20.


This group has been together in various forms for over 10 years now and we value consistency, close connections and long term relationships. But feel free to just dip your toes and see if this is a place you'd like to be in. If there's a mismatch on either side - no hard feelings.


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