What kind of a name does your tulpa have?

What name does your tulpa have?  

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  1. 1. What name does your tulpa have?

    • A regular human name (Alice, Sandra, Heather...)
    • A common word (Glass, Shy, Soar...)
    • Something else entirely

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Mortimer just seemed to fit.


He always did seem like the monocle and top-hat type to me.


I got a lockbox years ago, back when my imagination was much more vivid I thought it looked a tad like a turtle. Add to the fact that I read a comic with a turtle named Mortimer, and guess what I've called it since? Yeah, Mortimer is an awesome name.

Me: Hey, say something for this thread!

Koharu: Yay, cupcakes!

mfw there are no cupcakes. Sentience? Yes. Brilliance? Ehh...

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To begin with it was just kind of a placeholder name that i din´t really think about, but we looked it up and she really liked it when she saw the meaning.


Natasha (Russian: Ната́ша) is a Russian female given name, meaning "Natal Day" or "Birthday"


She says it´s symbolic and all that stuff, considering the day she got the name was "her birthday"

Personally i just think it´s a beautiful name.

De bedste og smukkeste ting i verden kan hverken ses eller røres, de må opleves med hjertet.

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Well I got Scarlet from Silent Hill: Homecoming while I was ironically obsessing over it. But it also reflects my favorite color, being red. So by meaning it's a bit of a hybrid.

I think I got Sapphire while looking at birthstones and needed blue to contrast red. Is Sapphire a real name?

I have a bit of a duality theme.

Scarlet - anime, 8/15/2012

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Guest EnnervateIndustries

Maia's a human name, I guess. Not a common one, though.

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Guest Anonymous

Helix's name was originally supposed to represent the idea of two intetwined beings, at least looking back on it now. However, thats kind of null now.


Pixel was just the first name that came to mind. No relation to Helix except for the x in both.

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