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Hypnosis while conjuring traits?

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We can rate the thing, but in this case the thing isn't really a guide so we can't rate it.


Yeah, I'd agree with GD.

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This starts off with the thread author wondering if self-hypnosis is useful for doing trait-based personality forcing.


I would argue that self-hypnosis would be useful for personality forcing, or anything tulpa-related. Unfortunately the title and prologue don't really fit the format of a guide or a tip.


As for the externally linked Self-hypnosis guide, I would certainly approve of that (for any section, but Guides works best). We've rated external guides before, and I do think that guide is useful.


What about Guest's opinion that's part of this thread, but was appended to OP's post? Seems mostly fine, but it's also espousing some widely held, but not entirely uncontroversial opinions about "the subconscious".


Due this this strange mix, of content in the original post, I'm not sure I can truly approve of it in full, but I can certainly approve of the guide parts, if OP's questions are ignored, otherwise, this may belong more in Q&A, or maybe even GD.

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