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I'll draw things for you


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This is guy for intelhunter. You didn't provide a name so I couldn't write it on the image.



MAGNIFICENT! Hehe, the name has been an issue for some time now. The official name is Olaf The Brutal, and it was decided in the IRC. I used to call him hisbro, but thats just like, meh... In the IRC he is OTB, but its cool to call him olaf(prenounced olav).



Ayo grill how you be?

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So, would you mind if you drew Dante, the only Bionicle there is in this community? :3 I currently only have one uncolored sketch of him, made by Amadeus and found here.


There's also this quote I made a long time ago to describe him:


Thanks beforehand!

Name: Dante

Gender: Male

Form: Toa Mata Nui, a Bionicle(Amadeus made a sketch of him, kudos!)

Stage: Narration, posession


Being original since July 2012.

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So, I'd like to request a portrait of Dabi.


She is a naga, with a human torso and snake tail. In the human half, she's a cute Caucasian brown-eyed girl with a rather round head, wearing thick-rimmed glasses, with black hair in a sort of bob hairstyle (kinda like this), except with the hair reaching down to an even level to surround her head like a dome of sorts.


She shall be wearing a black coat, and a green sweater below that. Her chest and back are going to be covered anyway so there's no point in describing them in detail, but one thing: no breasts.


Her tail is green, round, covered with scales; her belly is covered with large, lighter, yellowish ventral scales (kinda like this guy's, except slightly less wide). The tail is of adjustable length (though she measures at least 9 feet from her neck to the tip of the tail), and so you're free to pose her any way that seems convenient. Just "don't make her look dumb".

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Hash animal form please :3


She is a quadruped with a thick, white coat. She has a red stripe around the middle of her torso, one around each tail, one around each leg, around her neck and a stripe across the back of both ears.


Her eyes are oval shaped and small-ish, and black with pink edges. She has an open, anime style mouth in a cute happy expression.


her ears are long and they go straight up.


She has two tails, and they each have hands on the ends. The hands are white and a bit bigger than an adult human's hands, they face towards her head.


She is about the size of a regular cat. thankyou :3

My opinions are all subject to change.

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